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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Restaurants

    What's the deal with eating out at restaurants? Is it safe if they claim something is gluten-free? I usually ask them questions about sauces, and where it's cooked, etc. I was told corn chips at Rubios were gluten-free, but I had a rash after eating them. Found out they were made in a shared frier with beer battered fish. So, now I know to check if fried things, like french fries and chips are made separately b/f eating them. W What about meat? Rice and veggies? Do you have to ask at each place, or do you trust what they tell you? Like if they say they are sure their soy sauce is gluten-free and automatically list the one food on the menu that is safe for gluten-free people? Do you eat food that is labeled gluten-free, but says it's made in a factory that processes wheat, barley, etc? I guess I'm wondering just how anal I have to be about all of this? It's making me tired and slightly depressed!!!
  2. Update on rash/synthroid: I took out coffee, and most of the gas/bloating disappeared, but it reappeared heavily when I had Claritin D. Today, the rash on the back of my legs flared for the third time, with no suspicious foods/allergy meds present. I also got the same rash on my wrists, forearm and upper thighs in addition to the back of my knees. It burned so badly, I called the endocrinologist to see if it was a reaction to synthroid apart from gluten issues. He said, "Oh, you're on synthroid? That has gluten in it. We always do Tirosint for our gluten patients." Abbott told me they don't test for gluten, but the people who make the ingredients say no gluten ingredients are used, but they can't say it's gluten-free.Anyway, back to the endo. You'd think they would have thought of this before. Anyway, they will give me Tirosint starting Weds. morning, so one more day of synthroid. But I'm heading to the dermatologist Weds. a.m. to have a biopsy done of the rash to see if I have a true celiac issue- DH. I'm hoping this new med resolves the indigestion. I'm tired of it and working so hard to be gluten-free 100%!!! Thanks to all who helped with this.
  3. What's the deal with Synthroid? I'm on .025 mg and have just read it may contain gluten? Does it contain dairy? I don't tolerate dairy or gluten and am concerned. Are any thyroid meds gluten and dairy free?
  4. I'm also becoming suspicious of corn. Does anyone know of an excellent food allergy specialist in Phoenix? Do I see a dermatologist for the rash to be biopsied? I'm thinking of removing corn too. Terrible pain today after eating corn.
  5. Do u recommend seeing a GI instead?
  6. A friend whose son was diagnosed and then undiagnosed w celiac. Doesn't make sense but she keeps telling me to find out if I really have a gluten issue or if its something else. I don't want to eat gluten to find out. I have a healthy respect for what happens when I eat it. My nutritionist also said bc the test was a weak positive it could have been a one time allergic reaction. I'm just confused and want to know.
  7. Did I test positive even though it sad negative and weak positive? That part was confusing to me. It was an endocrinologist who tested me b/c I saw her for hashimoto's. I asked for the screen b/c I know that celiac, lactose intolerance and thyroid stuff is common together and I was so miserable. I'm still having some symptoms, but maybe it takes awhile to resolve? She is ordering a followup blood test after three months of me being gluten free. She is also checking my b12 and vitamin k and d.
  8. Hi, I had a Celiac Disease Panel done over a month ago. Here's what it said. I am not sure how to interpret it: Celiac Disease Panel Endomysial Antibody IgA Negative t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA 4 Flag High Negative 0-3 Weak Positive 4-10 Positive >10 It says endomysial IgA antibodies have over 99% specificity for gluten sensitive enteropathy. So, since then I have done my best with what I am learning to take all sources of gluten out of my diet. Before this, I had bloating and distention daily, loads and hours of gas, a heating sensation in my stomach/intestines, anxiety, fluid retention, lactose intolerance, and I have Hashimoto's thyroid, too. Since removing it, I have noticed a big reduction in gas, bloating and distention and have begun to lose weight and have lost my voracious appetite from before. I don't have many food cravings either. I am also free of all milk derivatives. Occasionally, I have gas, but it may be related to lack of water or pms. I even bought a new coffee machine whose company says all their products are gluten/gluten by product free. Last Saturday, I ate corn chips at Rubios. They did not have gluten, but I later learned that they are made in shared friers with beer battered fish, etc. Monday morning, I had a burning sensation on the back of my legs, behind my knees and noticed a nasty, burning red rash. I have had dermatitis before, and noticed dermatitis spots on my legs and stomach. After a week, it all began to go away and now itches a little as it heals. I rarely have had a rash like this, and assumed it was a heat rash. If I had celiac all along, why did the rash only appear now, when I'm gluten-free? My question is - what is the likelihood I have celiac vs. gluten sensitivity? I've had endoscopies/colonoscopies over the years, and celiac has never been discussed. I was told to stop dairy and gum, but that never helped the gas. Gluten removal has stopped the bloating mostly. I don't want to eat wheat again b/c I hate how I feel on it. But I've heard that if you don't have celiac and you remove gluten, it's bad for you. Any ideas of what I should do? Before the bloodwork, I had removed some gluten but still binged on half a bag of pita chips daily, as I craved them. My waffles, yogurt and most other things were gluten free, as I had begun to suspect gluten.