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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This is Floral. I didn't know my initial posting would get so many responses. I always had a bad stomach and things just kept getting worse. 10 yrs of bowels obstructions followed by parasitic infestation. And how did I know? I could see this mucousy stuff floating in toilet. I research it and realized what I was seeing. Didn't know what to do. Talked to my doctor who refused to treat or believe me. I actually wrote an ebook about my experience but haven't published it yet. I started taking Hulda Clarks formula and started seeing them evacuate. I mean thousands of them. If you google photos of parasites you will see each and every ugly one that I saw -- very frightening. It took months for them to go away and perhaps someone was right when they said I didn't get rid of them all. It has taken me a year to recover and during this year I developed food allergies. I was test with hydrogen breath tests which were positive for lactose and fructose intolerance. Then the Celiac test was positive. I am feeling better now that I am 100% compliant with no gluten...and sometimes we are all a little resistent to going all tlhe way with something even though it will ultimately save our lives. I do wonder if I still may have some parasites but they would have to be mcroscopic at this point b/c I do know what to look for. I thank God every day for getting me through that storm and would love to talk with you all individually about your experiences. I saw a video on line by an MS doctor in Baltimore MD who said that glutenism after parasites was very common indeed. It was in looking for that video that I ended up here again. Obviously, this subject needs to be researched and written about in depth...and now I really need to figure out how to get my ebook up in Kindle form so we can continue the dicussion. (and education)
  2. Just an FYI...only 30 percent of people with celiac get a positive test. Dr. Peter Green states this in CELIAC DISEASE A HIDDEN EPIDEMIC. Granted the book is twenty years old but I don't think things have changed much. People thought that Celiac disease was a rare disease but I think it's just rarely diagnosed. I recently went to a dinner and three people sitting at my table alone all had Celiac disease. What are the odds of that? I believe it's really gotten to epidemic proprotions but I guess that's another subject altogether.
  3. Nausea?

    This note is to address Heather C. I also had a gastric bypass and have been recently diagnosed with celiac. My nausea has recently been uplifted and it took an entire 6 months since going gluten free. I hated feeling constantly nauseas and it reminded me of that horrible green feeling while pregnant. Remember how at 4 months or so you realized one day,...hey it's gone? It's kinda like that. Good luck. It seems I'm only a few steps in front of you.
  4. When you have a gastric bypass you lose the part of your intestine that digests lactose. You are told before surgery that you will become lactose intolerant. To me it didn't make any difference since I had been severely lactose intolerant since the age of 18. I'm surprised that the above doctor who performs this surgery for a living wouldn't have informed all of his patient's of this beforehand. ?????
  5. I also had a gastic bypass and had nothing but problems and was diagnosed celiac after ten years. Initial blood work, etc came back no celiac as well. Biopsy proved my suspicion. I can't help but to believe there is a correlation between gastic bypass and celiac. Perhaps it just exascerbates an already pre-existing problem. btw I had 4 bowels obstructions, 2 resections, 2 hernias before correct diagnosis.
  6. My mother had ms. Recent studies show that children of ms'rs have celiac 32 more times than most people. My brothers and sister refuse to believe that and just ignore me. My two nieces have celiac. My cousin has celiac. Obviously my brothers think of this as a "female" disease. ha ha and these are college educated professionals who are very intelligent. People simply can't believe that eating wheat can lead to a disease. My father always asks how I'm feeling and is supportive. My children insist that I follow my protecol and always try everything gluten-free and often find that they like it. My sister even accused me of inventing a disease and giving it to myself! So if I were you, I'd take rosetapper23's advice and just stop approaching the subject. You can't save the world.
  7. I also had gastic bypass sugery and had nothing but stomach problems since then and now diagnosed with celiac. I wonder just how many of us there are? What the statistics are? I am really interested in finding out more on this subject.
  8. I had sleep issues in the beginning of my diagnosis...also, terrible jaw pain and neck ache at the end of a long day. I recently got glutened over the Thanksgiving holiday so I'm back to not sleeping, my jaw is killing me and my neck hurts. The only difference is that I know what it's from and do have tramadol for pain and something to make me sleep thanx to my neuro. Not big on pill taking but decided that falling asleep when the sun comes up doesn't lead to productive days. Let's pray this doesn't last long.
  9. I am extemely lactose intolerant and have been since the age of 18 (I'm 53 now). I just switched to Soy Vanilla and it's wonderful. I can have a small amount of shredded Mozzarella and I do well with cream cheese as well. Experiment and see what you can handle and check out all soy cheeses and products and substitute as much as possible. I always say, "cow's milk is for baby cows."
  10. I had a terrible parasite infestion before diagnosis. It lasted about a year. So many awful critters...too many types to mention. Scared me to death. It took 90 days of herbs to get rid of them. Shortly after...I was diagnosed with Celiac. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this. I was probably Celiac for 10 years before being diagnosed. I had 4 bowel obstructions and never had a day without diahrrea and constipation alternating. So much stomach pain and suffering. So glad to have gotten gluten out of my diet. The only problem I have now is peripheral neuropathy and it drives me crazy. I guess the parasites could be b/c my immune system has been compromised for years. I know that in the past, the surgeon alwasy told me after each obstruction that I had "no parasites." That was forshadowing b/c I didn't know what parasites were and wish I could still say that. Once you've had a bad infestation...you always worry that they will come back.
  11. Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    I also have malabsorption issues and take Vit B shots. I have noticed that my B12 levels are too high when my MD checks just after I've taken a shot. Perhaps timing is everything in this case. P.S. I don't feel that the shots are effective anymore. They used to make me feel better and have more energy. They say I'll have to take them for the rest of my life but I beg to differ.
  12. I found out I had a sleep apnea before I was diagnosed with Celiac. Didn't sleep well for over a year. Only been on a gluten free diet for 15 days and last night was the first night that I slept well and felt rested. I also didn't throw off my mask during sleep and my daughter said it was the first night that she also slept well b/c I wasn't snoring! I also had malabsorption issues and take B12 shots. I found a vitamin geared for Celiac's on Celiac.com and have started taking them for the last 3 or 4 days. That's the only thing I've done different in addition to diet changes. Only problem that still exists is the peripheral neuropathy which drives me crazy. Neuro did put me on Lyrica which helps but I wish I could find something more natural that would be a good substitute. So nice to have found a place where I belong. I had 4 bowel obstructions before being diagnosed!