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  1. Well after only 8 days without gluten, I can honestly say that I will NEVER eat it again. For the past 15 years or so my knees have throbbed and felt very warm to the touch (I'm only 34 btw), after about the 5th day without gluten the knee pain was all but gone. I always attributed my knee pain to being overweight I have been well over 200 lb. since around age 20. I also thought that I had a bad shoulder. It was inflamed so bad that I couldn't really use it much last year. I finally went to get a cortisone shot in December of last year. It helped some, but I still had to prop it up at night and if I accidentally slept with my arm over my head, I could barely move it the next day. For the past 2 days I have woke up on my back with my arm over my head and it didn't even hurt, just felt a little weak. My appetite which for years has been insatiable, is now normal for the first time ever I think. I have already lost 5 pounds. I must admit that this was an unexpected, but very nice side effect. The strangest thing though is what I called my "swishy ear". For the past 4 years I have had a feeling of pressure in my right ear. That same ear also made a swishing noise whenever I kept my head straight or when I turn to my right. I went to the ENT when I first started having it years ago. They did all sorts of test including a cat scan. The only thing the told me was that I had a tiny cyst in one of my sinuses. They also said that I had eustachian tube dysfunction. They suggested that I have an allergy test done, but when they told me that it would cost over $1,000 without insurance I decided that I could live with it. I didn't think I really had an allergy. Well it turns out that I don't have eustachian tube dysfunction because my "swishy ear" is GONE! I actually have fluid draining from my ear! I can't believe how sick I really was and I always just accepted things. It wasn't until I ate bread on an empty stomach and had horrible pain that I ever put two and two together. I just thought that I was in horrible shape and that was why I always felt SOOO bad. I did wonder from time to time how people twice my size (that were my age) seemed to have no problems with their knees. Oh I also forgot to mention that I have also had TMJD for a couple of years. I usually have to take ibuprofen every three days or so for the horrible headaches that I got from eating a piece of meat or something, I always just dealt with my aching legs. This past week, I have only had to take 2 ibuprofens. I still can't quite believe the progress I have made in only one week. It is so sad that I never really investigated any of my ailments. I just figured it was the way things were for me. I am so THRILLED that it doesn't have to be. My family has decided to go gluten free at home with me. I think we will all benefit from our knew eating style. My oldest child has bad headaches which we always attributed to allergies and they are starting to lessen. I cleaned out my entire kitchen yesterday and made it safe for the most part. I haven't touched my baking pans yet though. They are in a separate cabinet and I don't even know if I want to keep them. I can't fathom how good I will feel in a year. I am excited! One more weird thing. The night before last, I used a new mouthwash (Crest Pro Rinse) and I got a BAD stomach ache? It hurt until I ate yesterday. I bought some plain Listerine and will stick with that.
  2. Intro With Lots Of Mixed Emotions

    Thanks for the responses. I still get sad about my mom and it has been nearly six years. I feel a huge amount of relief for finally being able to put all of these pieces together. I am so tired of muscle cramps. In the past few years I get them in my neck as well as my legs. They are usually so random and hit so hard. However, a couple of days ago after the California roll I started having tightness in my right calf and then yesterday and today I have been flung from sleep with horrible lingering cramps. My leg is cramping as I type this. Thanks for understanding the length of my post. I find it so, so difficult to frame my thoughts into sentences. That never used to be a problem either, I used to be as sharp as a tack, but now loads of the time I feel stupid. I try to keep telling myself that it's not me, and that it will hopefully get better. I have been trying to read, read, read, but sometimes it is so hard to remain focused. I have to re read things at least twice to get anything. Thanks for listening.
  3. I would just like to introduce myself and maybe get a little confirmation of my symptoms even though I KNOW that I have this condition that has plagued my family undiagnosed for generations. I am a 34, married with two children. I have been having issues my entire life, but always assumed it was how most people were because pretty much everyone in my house growing up (aside from my father) had issues too. Starting in infancy, I had horrible colic. My mom used to say that I would scream for nearly 24 hours. I don't know how I got kind of normal, but I guess I did eventually because I finally stopped screaming. My entire childhood I would have random bouts of EXTREME abdominal pain. The pain was so excruciating that I could not walk until the spasms in my gut would stop. Again, my mom chalked it up to gas and didn't think much of it. She had " bad gas" too. My mom also had the same horrible muscle cramps in her calves that would wake me up screaming in the middle of the night. I would jump up and down, grip the rails of my bed and wait for them to pass. "Eat a banana good", was all my mom would say. I always seemed to be flushed on my face and neck. I remember when I would get new teachers they would ask if I was OK, and I would tell them yes I do this all the time. Nothing was ever anything to worry about. I always had some sort of rash growing up. My mom called it "mad itch". I went to the doctor and he told me I was allergic to something in chocolate? I was only around 8 at the time and did not give him or his diagnosis much attention, neither did my parents. In middle school I got a different rash that consisted of huge scaly, itchy, oozing patches all over my stomach, thighs, and back. I could not participate in gym because of the fear of being seen while dressing out. The doctor showed me a picture in a big book and told me it was something with a funny name (I can't remember). The rash finally went away a year to 18 months later. Life continued in my house as usual. My teen years were relatively normal, with occasional illnesses, and continued leg cramps but the horrible stomach aches and rashes seemed to go away. I grew up and got married. We had two children and all was well, until a few months after having our second child. I woke up to the most horrible pain I had ever experienced in my life. I was throwing up green bile and thought I was going to die. I called my mom who was at this point suffering with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma along with thyroid disease and IBS. She said "good, it's your gallbladder". She should know, because her gallbladder had to be removed as a teenager. I had my gallbladder removed as well, I was only 26. After my mom passed away in 2006 at only 54 years old, I started having the stomach aches again. I assumed it was due to losing my gallbladder a few years prior and stopped eating hot dogs and sausage for the most part. I also stopped eating seasonings from pouches because I was sure that MSG was giving me headaches. I had never heard of Celiac until one day I left the TV on for my dogs. I came home to the 700 club playing and Elizabeth Hasslebeck was on talking about having the disease. It caught my attention as I realized that it sounded just like my mom. I felt very sad to think that my mom could have potentially lived a much different life if she had known about this. For a brief moment I thought maybe that was why I had so many "little quirky issues". I quickly dismissed the thought. I lived the next few years in denial. Horribly aching joints, stomach aches, deteriorating mental focus, muscle cramping denial. I never really eat only just one thing but a couple of weeks ago my husband bought me a really awesome bread maker. I made bread. We ate sandwiches. I got stomach aches. I thought it must be something I ate, nothing unusual. One night I had a completely empty stomach and ate a nice big piece of PLAIN homemade bread. OH MY GOSH, I felt like someone was stabbing me through the belly button. It was horrible, and all I had eaten was a plain piece of bread. I remembered Celiac and looked it up on the internet. I could not believe all the symptoms that I, my mom, or my siblings had. In spite of the obvious I ate pasta the next day on an empty stomach, I was promptly visiting the bathroom. I apologize for the book, but I think I needed to see everything literally spelled out in front of me. I went gluten free this past Monday. It didn't take long to realize I had been "glutened". I had a California roll. I never even thought about the imitation crab meat having gluten in it. Duh, I do now. My face looks like two apples and I woke up to a horrible Charlie Horse. I have learned a lesson. I feel somewhat empowered and I am glad that there is a community out there to hopefully help me through the learning process.