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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well my heart goes out to your daughter. I felt sorry for myself being diagnosed (asymptomatic) at age 43.... but for kids it is so much tougher. Until you or a loved one are diagnosed with Celiac you don't realize/think about how just about everything at a party/get-together contains gluten. Always having to habe a "back-up plan" gets old quickly. You're a good mom to be looking out for her long term health despite all the inconvenience/cost. Hope she's okay.
  2. Thanks for the input Beachbirdie... I do get copies of my Thyroid bloodwork, and next time i get it done I'll examine the free T3/T4 closely. Like you, I also have Hashimoto's. I do consume "some" gluten-free cookies and pizza, but not excessively. I realized right away that they have more calories than their Gluten-ful counterparts. For pasta I have found only one that I like (Scharr's corn pasta) and i have that maybe once a week. I am due for an appointment with the endocrinologist... I guess i'll ask for a very thorough blood screening (T3 /T4/ sugar)...anything you can think of that i should ask for specifically? I do eat fresh foods (meats, potatos, raw veggies, dairy, eggs) but i am not a huge fan of cooked vegetables (ok-- i don't eat any) and not a big fruit eater either. I know i should eat more fruits/veggies, i just dont like their taste/texture. At the end of the day, candy is my downfall. I know...not good! Thanks again for your comments. :-)
  3. Thanks, but I already know I'm hypothyroid. Have been for >10 years and have been taking levoxyl ever since diagnosed with that. I get my TSH checked every 6-12 months...as of now it's "normal". Antibodies have been checked twice in the past nine months...due to have them checked again next month. Not sure exactly what blood test i had but upon diagnosis my "number" was > 800, six months later it was 49 and three months after that it was 26. Hopefully when i get tested next month they will be in the "normal" range. thanks for the comment.
  4. I'm sure this topic has been addressed before, but i could not figure out how/where to find it. I was diagnosed with Celiac about a year ago. Completely asymptomatic. If you forced me to name a symptom, I'd say I was a bit gassy...but not to the point that i felt it was a problem. Favorite (most consumed) foods were pizza, pasta, cookies etc... Diagnosed due to some "routine" bloodwork related to my hypothyroidism. Have been 20-25 lbs OVERweight my entire adult life. Could not believe the diagnosis, but bloodwork numbers were "off the chart" and endocscopy confirmed severe damage to small intestine. So.... I begin gluten-free diet July 2011. My GI had mentioned that "I might feel better in ways that I didn't know I felt bad" . Well, sadly, he was wrong... Both BEFORE and AFTER gluten-free diet I have fatigue, migraines, joint pain, mild depression, overweight etc... None of these things are debilitating, but they each come-and-go enough and have not lessened since going gluten-free. At the very least I had hoped I'd LOSE a few pounds, but no...i have in fact gained about 5 lbs since going gluten-free 11 months ago. I have been extremely vigilant with my diet, never intentionally consuming gluten. problem is that if i do consume any gluten (via cross contamination) I have no way of knowing. I do not become ill, no GI symptoms etc... So... my question is...anybody else out there like me? It's so frustrating following this strict diet when i have/had no symptoms. Most annoying is the feeling that I'm so alone b/c I seem to be that "one" Celiac who does not exhibit symptoms. Family has been supportive, but deep down i don't think they "get it". There are times when i question my diagnosis, but my GI is the head of local celiac group in my area (ie- well respected, well informed etc...). Any advice for the lonely asymptomatic celiac?