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  1. I understand that but I have been researching a lot on what the best and most accurate test would be and so far the blood work and biopsy are not that accurate. I hear the genetic testing is way accurate and if you have as many symptoms as I do that have gone away with a gluten free diet and the test shows you have it in your genes then you have a way more significant chance of having Celiacs. I also thought if the genetic test shows it in the genes then I would be a lot closer to getting diagnosed without trying to kill myself for six months eating gluten and getting a biopsy that will more then likely not be accurate. again if anyone knows of a place to get genetic testing in the Portland area or online that would be fantastic thanks so much for all the great info.
  2. Hi everyone I just recently went gluten free and it has changed my life I am convinced I have celiacs diseases because I have 20 plus symptoms that have all gone away since being gluten free. My blood test came back negative and my doctor said it may have been because I couldn't eat enough gluten. Then she suggested doing the biopsy of the small intestine but said I would have to eat extreme amounts of gluten for six weeks!! There is just no way I would be so sick.i have heard about the genetic testing and I think that is the best and most accurate way I just dont know where to get it. I'm in the Portland Oregon area and didn't know if someone could direct me to the right place. I mainly want to know because of the tax deductible they now have for people with celiacs disease. Thanks so much do reading