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  1. Several months ago my GI did a somewhat incomplete celiac panel, which was negative. I plan to pursue a more complete panel with them as soon as insurance allows. I have had strong suspicions for a while now. I decided to go ahead and give enterolab a whirl, just to see. I only ordered one test. Here are my results Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA 198 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units) 198 is certainly higher than 10. Anyone else get tested through them? care to share your results?
  2. I'm no doctor but a quick consult with Dr. G(oogle) indicates that these results might be associated with an inflammatory bowel disease...ulcerative colitis or crohns. Good luck with everything and I hope you get answers and relief.
  3. My Story

    Thanks for your response. I'm glad that gluten free helped our son. You are right, I don't need a diagnosis to go down this path and I'm going to give it a shot regardless. Can't hurt
  4. I've made a couple of posts here with specific questions about testing, I thought I would take a minute to tell the whole story here, if for no other reason than to vent. Certainly appreciate all the help I've gotten here so far. I gave birth to my second child one year ago (at age 32) and six weeks later, Ianded in the hospital with what turned out to be symptomatic gallstones. Gallbladder removed and follow up with the GI found that my liver enzymes keep fluctuating in and slightly out of the normal range, which has prompted much more testing. Normal ultrasound, normal mrcp, normal endoscopic ultrasound tend to rule out an obvious physical cause. I take no medication and no alcohol and don't have diabetes. Blood testing has found no evidence of hepatitis, wilson's, hemochromatosis, or autoimmune liver disease and has, thus far, found no celiac, but I'm thinking the celiac portion of testing might just be incomplete. I detailed that in another post. I have normal IGA and negative ttg-iga and dgp-iga but no other tests were done. The more I read about celiac, the more it seems to fit lots of things that seemed unrelated. Lifelong history of migraines, low bmi despite the ingestion of large quantities of food, low cholesterol, low blood pressure, not anemic but always in the low range, easily dropped potassium, "IBS" for my entire adult life that can be quite horrible at times (colonoscopy found no large bowel problems), gas, bloating, tooth enamel problems, bouts of debilitating anxiety that seems to mirror, symptom for symptom, magnesium deficiency. Never had the mag tested when in one of those phases but have had it tested at other times and it is always absolute bottom normal range and taking Mg supplements decreases my day to day anxiety and heart palpitations....I think that's all I'm in an insurance hole right now and only have catastrophic coverage so I'm at a standstill in the testing that started last year. I'm hoping that my GI will be open to exploring the diagnosis of celiac more thoroughly when I am able to have all the testing covered. I will definitely do a gluten free trial either way, but I'd like a positive diagnosis in hand if I do have Celiac. I think it will be easier to convince doctors to monitor my children and it will be the only way I would convince some family members to get tested as well. Thanks for reading
  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm glad your GI was willing to do the scope anyway.
  6. Appreciate your input! I am going to ask for a larger panel at follow up.
  7. Hoping I could catch someone with this experience with a more specific post. As I posted elsewhere, my results were Deamidated Gliandin Peptide AB, IGA 11 units Reference range 0-19, negative Celiac Disease reflexive panel Immunoglobulin A, Total 143 Reference Range 68-378 Tissue Transglutaminase IGA 15 units Reference range 0-19, negative Anyone negative on these blood tests and positive on others? Please let me know what tests showed evidence of celiac for you...just setting myself up to argue with my GI if I need to Thanks!
  8. Anyone reading this have the experience of having negative IGA but positive IGG? Thinking about requesting the IGG....I am wishing that I had been more educated several months ago when I had an endoscopic ultrasound done, maybe I could have asked them to snag a biopsy while they were in there anyway.
  9. Thanks so much for the response and the links. Very helpful.
  10. Hello all. I am learning so much from reading the boards already. I'm honestly a little overloaded with information. I'm slowly trying to understand what all the tests are and what they mean. I'd like to post the results of the tests I've had, which are negative according to my doctor. Please, share your opinions and suggestions about tests that may have been missed. I'd like to arm myself with as much information as possible before my follow up visit. Based on a lifetime of symptoms, Celiac seems to fit. I'm planning on trying gluten free no matter what the final outcome of my testing is, but I'd prefer a definite positive if it is, in fact, celiac. ARUP Laboratories Deamidated Gliandin Peptide AB, IGA 11 units Reference range 0-19, negative Celiac Disease reflexive panel Immunoglobulin A, Total 143 Reference Range 68-378 Tissue Transglutaminase IGA 15 units Reference range 0-19, negative I see other tests mentioned here but am having a hard time piecing out which is which. Thanks in advance!