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  1. Hello all. I am new to the forum and I would appreciate any help and advice. Celiac was recently brought to my attention by my rheumatologist. I have had severe chronic pain my entire life (26 years) and have been to every doctor and tested for every condition known to man with no diagnosis or relief from my symptoms yet. The doctor mentioned celiac and did the blood test but it came back negative so we moved on to another possibility. I was recently told by someone that the blood tests often come back negative though so I got online to investigate. A gluten-free diet will be the hardest thing I have ever done but if I am gluten intolerant then it will be worth it to have some relief from my pain. The problem is, I don't want to put myself or my family through that unless I know pretty positively that there is a good chance it will make a change in my life. I will list my symptoms below: Severe leg pain started in my ankles and progressively moved up my legs and I grew up to cover ankles, calves, knees, thighs, and now hips Sciatic nerve pain (probably caused from walking to compensate for other leg pain) ADD (no ability to focus or concentrate, forgetfullness, loss of memory even) Sleep problems my entire life anxiety nausiousness and balance problems at times but more frequently than anyone should have them hypoglycemia borderline anemia general muscle tenseness and inability to relax stiffness jaw clenching mild stomach problems on and off my entire life but no regularity to my bathroom needs. Ha. I don't know how to say it medically. I only go to the bathroom (#2) about once a week but when I have to go I REALLY have to go and will go and then have to return very shortly and then have to go again. As far as urinating, I have always said I have overactive bladder (I haven't been diagnosed) but I do have to go constantly. I also have had a ridiculous amount of bladder and urinary tract infections in my life I think that covers it but I'm sure I've left something out. Does this sound like something that could be caused by gluten? I would appreciate any help or advice. I know many with one auto-immune disease end up having another as well, so if you don't think it's celiac but have had experience with another type of disorder that you think it might be please also fill me in. I need help desperately. Thanks!