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  1. My daughter is almost 15. We have been dealing with this for almost a year-and-a-half! She has been through MRIs, Ultrasounds, an Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy! And of course lab work after lab work checking for the typical things, CBCs, anemia, liver function and diabetes. All they can say is "IBS" because they can't find anything definitive! Symptoms: When she eats just about anything or even drinks she looks like she is pregnant (8-9mon). She is in pain, uncomfortable, she swells (legs, feet, hands) can't sleep. Flips between diarrhea and constipation. She eats constantly, yet always says she is hungry and hates to eat because it hurts so badly, but can't not eat because she is so hungry. She has a rash on the back of her neck and on her chest. Feeling: No one has put any of the above together! I have Ulcerative Colitis and Diverticulitis and I have never had symptoms like these. No one will listen to me, but I had never heard of Celiac Disease before. I literally had a doctor after her Endoscopy and Colonoscopy tell me that she needed to see someone that could teach her to breath and channel!! Will someone one please tell me if they think this is something I should make them pursue? Thank you so very much, in advance!!