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  1. Thanks - this will be helpful I did the 154 IGG test - which showed sensitivities....she did say to go gluten free to see if my symptoms disappear but that if I did want to do the celiac test I would have to be eating gluten on a regular basis. I am not sure which would be better...what I am doing or have the test done? She mentioned something about try going gluten free as she was afraid if I didn't it might turn into full blown celiac if i was to continue eating gluten occasionally....a bit confused on this.
  2. My question is "is there a list of grocery store items that are gluten free" anywhere? My story: I am currently new to the gluten free world...My naturopathic dr. has recently put me on a gluten and dairy free diet. My previous "regular" dr.'s put me through all kinds of test to see why I have had pain in my left side of my abdomen for about 2 years. All tests came back "normal"...their next test was going to be a colonoscopy and I said enough was enough.....they wouldn't even consider that it may be something related to food.....so after having blood tests done with the naturopath for food sensitivities we are seeing if my symptoms disappear with the removal of gluten and dairy. I thought I basically would need to remove bread and cracker type items but it seems that gluten is hidden in everything.......also is their a list of ingredients that I wouldn't recognize as having gluten but really do?..... Thanks so much!