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  1. I don't know about celiac yet, might just be gluten sensitive--just got blood drawn for celiac test the other day, but I'm definitely allergic to flax--it makes me throw up and I got skin prick tested by the allergist and now carry an epipen for it. I also have hay fever and allergy to various other inhaled things (dust, animal dander, mold), latex contact sensitivity, and oral allergy syndrome. One does wonder about the connection between theses things.
  2. Oh my god, it's the gluten! I'm glad people are posting about this, it's nice to have confirmation from someone else. I've had rare instances of adult enuresis over the past several years or so with no explanation. Then several months ago started a pretty much (not perfect) gluten free dairy free diet, which made me feel better in many ways. Now, I've decided I want blood tests, just to see if it's celiac vs intolerance, so I've been wheating it up for a couple of weeks, feeling awful of course, and had another instance of bedwetting. I doubt it's a coincidence. The idea that we are sleeping differently and not waking up is interesting. I was dreaming that I was going to the bathroom this time. One time this happened, I was also having a lot of trouble with idiopathic hypersomnolence (that was the diagnosis, though it's really just a symptom--I had sleep studies and everything). I wonder if that's part of it. Or some irritation/inflammation/damage to the nerves that control that function. Or fatigue/strain on the pelvic floor muscles resulting from the gastrointestinal effects of the gluten. I've also had symptoms consistent with interstitial cystitis in the past. Anyway, I'm posting, too, though it's a little embarrassing, because it helps me when I find someone with the same experience.