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  1. My wife is 33 ans has dealt with an array of medical problems for years which became worse after giving birth to our two children. About 9 months ago she begin itching all over with no rash or superficial signs of a skin problem. We've been to every doctor we can think of. This itching occured after giving birth to both children then went away. Doctors were puzzled then too. A dermatologist recently told her she suspected she may have Celiac Disease. My wife has dealt with unexplained hair loss,sleeping disorder, extreme fatigue, tingling extremeties once in a while, constipation, and other symptoms that most doctors initially suspect is a thyroid problem. Her thyroid numbers have been slightly off before but not enough to suggest a major thyroid problem. Celiac seems to be a real possibility the more I read. My question is this: Has anyone ever heard of or experienced itchy skin from celiac disease without the superficial signs of Dermititis Herpetiformis? Last night her itching was so bad she was screaming and crying. She has dealt with depression for years and I am starting to believe that too, may be related to all the physical stress her body has been under by either celiac or a similar disease. i fear she can't take these symtoms much longer without a complete and irreversible mental breakdown. She had to leave her job last year because her symptoms were so bad and we are at the point of desperation. I fear a disease like Celiac but at least we would have a culprit. I appreciate any feedback anyone can give us on their experience as we await testing. Thank You!