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  1. Any Good Gluten Free Foods In Myrtle Beach

    Our family (2 of us are gluten intolerant) just returned from a week in Myrtle Beach. While we made most of our own meals, we did venture out a few times. I can recommend: * Outback (Locations in North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach) * Bonefish Grill (Locations in NMB and MB) * P.F. Chang's I can NOT recommend: * Phillips Seafood in MB. We ate here several years ago, before we even knew what 'gluten' was. At that time, this was an above average restaurant with a great menu and decor. This time, we asked at the desk, and the hostess didn't have a clue what 'gluten free' meant. The majority of the restaurant is now 'under renovation'. We took our seats and looked at the menu. It was now only 1 page, and mostly fried foods. Since there didn't seem to be anything there for us, we left, and went to ... * Captain George's Seafood Restaurant. We had also eaten here several years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the buffet. Our hope was that a restaurant this big would have a good handle on what 'gluten free' meant. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful, but she knew nothing about 'gluten', which wasn't a problem, because she offered to get the Kitchen Manager for us. Before the Kitchen Manager came, she brought us a sheet for their management use only which contained a list of items on their buffet that may contain gluten. It was a list of virtually everything: all dressings, all sea creatures with legs, etc. Anyways, the very confident Kitchen Manager eventually came and gave the 2 gluten intolerant people in our party a tour of the buffet. He proceeded to provide poor info, saying things like "you can't have that because it has cheese in it", and contradicted information from the sheet we saw. Bottom line: We didn't feel at all comfortable eating there. So, we left and went to Bonefish Grill and had a wonderful meal. Unsure about: Original Benjamin's Seafood Buffet. I emailed them several weeks in advance. They responded promptly, but basically said that they haven't done a very good job at labeling the gluten-free buffet items. I replied to the email asking for more details about what items were gluten-free, to determine if it was worth our time and the $31 per person. Their response was that I should talk with the Kitchen Manager when we arrived in town. While we would have loved to have eaten here, we just didn't have a good feeling about it, especially after what happened at Captain George's. Hope this helps someone! (And I hope more local restaurants get on board the gluten-free train for our next visit!)