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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. GfColorado, I also only have a positive IGA but mine is 20.9 (only .9) into the "equivocal" range. What have the other people you've consulted said? Both my GI and my PCP say it does not mean I have Celiac...but maybe intolerance. They also claim false positives happen.... Immunoglobulin A -- 229 (range 68-378) Endomysial IgA- negative tTG-IgG Ab -- 3.9 (range under 20 negative) tTG-IgA Ab -- 8.9 (range under 20 negative) Gliadin Peptide Ab IgG --7.0 (range under 20 negative) Gliadin Peptide Ab IgA -- 20.9 (range under 20 negative, 20-25 equivocal, 25+ positive)
  2. Ensure you TSH level really is below 3.0 (most people start to feel symptoms at around 2.5). And many doctors don't realize you treat a thyroid once it gets to 3.0 (around 95% still rely on the old 4.5 or 5 as being 'hypo' when that all changed back in 2003).
  3. Thanks Takala! Well I guess I should say I had post-viral gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying/nausea/D etc. after a really bad norovirus) about 8 years ago which is why I have the diagnosis of "IBS" still to this day -- most gastroparesis never goes away but does get better. The Elavil is cheap haha $3 a month so I'm OK with that and it also treats mild anxiety. Nope, no family history. I'm white Caucasian with an Italian/English heritage. Thanks for sharing your story -- I actually don't have any other "classic" symptoms so maybe you are right that I am on the "edge." No they won't do a biopsy, so yes, I'll request the DNA test! What exactly would the DNA test show -- just a susceptibility to celiacs correct? I just find it strange only one out of all the ones is possibly positive. So if I decide to go on my merry way after doing the DNA test, how often should one be re-tested? I really appreciate all the help!
  4. So I am new! I recently had a Celiac panel test run by Labcorp on a bit of a whim. I have had "IBS" (mainly D) for several years but the episodes are few and far between and have been treated with Elavil 5mg a night. My new primary said, hey let's just do this test as 1)it's something people are being commonly diagnosed with these days and 2)you've never had it before and it seems you suffer sometimes. So long story short, here are my test results (he also did ESR, ferritin, CBC, etc. all normal) Immunoglobulin A -- 229 (range 68-378) Endomysial IgA- negative tTG-IgG Ab -- 3.9 (range under 20 negative) tTG-IgA Ab -- 8.9 (range under 20 negative) Gliadin Peptide Ab IgG --7.0 (range under 20 negative) Gliadin Peptide Ab IgA -- 20.9 (positive for "equivocal")*** So the Gliadin IgA was high (but the range said over 25 for "positive". My doctor said with these results I am negative for anything... what do you think? Why would I get a positive if I didn't have something going on Thanks for looking and advising, I've been trying to determine from the internet but don't understand all this...