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  1. Hey everyone, I have been wondering, I know that a common symptom of gluten intolerance is bad teeth or declining dental health. Since I was a kid, my teeth have given me nothing but problems. I get cavities all the time, once I got 8 in the course of 7 months. And my gums get irritated very easilly, despite everything I do to keep them clean and healthy. I follow a very strict diet apart from the gluten free, style, so it's not what I eat that is causing it. But my mother and brother have healthy teeth and they don't have gluten intolerance. Have any of you experienced the same sort of problems with your gluten intolerance?
  2. Hey everyone, I have a question that I have been wanting to ask other people with this disease. After you stopped eating gluten, what kind of changes did you experience in your body. Apart from the obvious improvement of the gut in general. Personally I have lost quite a bit of weight in fat for my size, even though I eat more than I used to, and I am pretty skinny to start with. However, when I go to the gym, the results come much faster than before, and i My average heart rate has dropped quite substantially. My skin, especially in my face is much clearer and I don't get zits and things like that at all anymore. But best of all, the stomach cramps and diarrhea are gone! There are tons of other things that have changed, but these are just a few. What have you experienced personally? Since symptoms and recovery seems to be very individual, it would be fun to compare.
  3. Hi everyone. First I'd like to say that this site is great for people with gluten intolerance! But I need some advice on my symptoms and see what other people think. Now, I am a professional motorcycle road racer in Europe, and for a long time I have had the problem of fatigue, and sometimes diarrhea for unexplained reasons. In recent years, every time I went running, I felt like I hit the wall after just a few miles. And one I got so bad stomach cramps that I almost couldn't stand up, and then I had to go take care of some business in the woods (very nasty). And since I was life 13 years old, I can't remember there being 1 month where I didn't have painful stomach cramps and diarrhea at least once. Anyway, I went to a professional nutritionist, where I filled out tones of forms about what I eat, how I feel when eating certain things etc. And then he made a diet plan where I couldn't eat any types of grain at all. Then have told me that once a week, at 1 meal I can eat whatever I feel like. So I ate a pizza and had a beer, and when I did, I got stomach pains that lasted 3 days, and my nose closed up while I was eating it. Anyway, after I started this diet, I have felt quite a bit better when running. My stomach, especially my lower stomach (intestines) seem to be behaving much better than before. Now, what I am wondering, could this be gluten intolerance, or something else? This morning I had stomach pain again (for the first time since I started the diet), and I didn't eat any grain or anything in the last few days. However I did have tea with milk, but I have had that several times without any effects. Does any of this make sense to you guys with celiac? Can you get stomach cramps while your body is healing up. And do any of you every experience stomach pains in the middle of the stomach? Thanks a lot - hope it makes sense