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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Scone Recipe Help

    Thank you so much for the advice! My first instinct was the same as yours, freeatlast, but it's my boss's recipe, so I only get so much wiggle room! Fortunately, he doesn't mind me tweaking the recipe. I will need to look more at glutenfreegirl's site. Thank you for that! I ended up using your flour, auzzi, and they turned out much better. Thank you! and purple, thank you for the recipe suggestion! I won't use it in this particular case, but I will probably give it a shot at home. I feel like I am learning to bake all over again, which is both fun and a bit frusrating, and good suggestions on recipes is much appreciated.
  2. I made some scones this afternoon, and while they are tasty, they are really chewy. The flours are 1 cup white rice, 2/3 cup potato starch, 2/3 cup tapioca, and 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum. It also has eggs, sugar, vegan butter substitute, yogurt and salt. Does anyone have any insight into why they are so chewy and how I could fix it for next time?
  3. Ok, so I just got a phone call from the doctor's office. It went like this: "Hello, is this Blackstar?" "Yes." "This is the doctor's office. We have the results from your celiac's test." "Ok." "It's negative. Ok bye!" "Wait! Did you get the thyroid test back?" "Oh, umm... that was negative too. It was *gives me a number I can't remember now*. Ok, bye!" "Wait! Can I come and pick it up..." *click* I've liked my doctor pretty well so far, but clearly being on the phone with me for over a minute was cutting into that nurse's schedule. So I guess I'll head on over there later today to get copies of the results. I'm a little nervous because although I went into my doctor's appointment armed with every bit of information I could possibly need, I got all flustered as I tend to do in face to face conversation. I had a list of everything that should be on the celiac panel but I don't remember showing that to her, although I do remember the word "panel" being tossed around. I'm also sure I forgot about vitamin levels. So now I get to see what actually happened. In any case, I've already started the diet, and how much better I'm feeling is good enough for me for now. I'm sure my husband doesn't want me to go back because I was not much fun for a while before testing. Also he's eating better now that I can't do lazy convenience foods for dinner I'll post later with results.
  4. Thank you, kitgordon and SMDBill! Aww, poor kitty! And that must have been so scary with the German Shepherd! My little guy has his claws and adjusts to changes quickly, so thankfully we haven't had issues so far! I was a bit worried because the new litter looks so different from his old, but we put a layer of the old on the new and he's using the mixture just fine. Tomorrow I plan to switch him all the way over and then scrub the bathroom down. Thanks for the heads up! I have no idea how I will make the work environment work. It was never intended as a permanent job, but it is paying the bills right now. I guess I'll play that one by ear. I haven't even been gluten-free a week and I feel so much better already, I don't want to jeapordize that. Thank you!
  5. Thank you, Mushroom! The cat's food is already grain free. (yay!) Currently, baking is done 3 days a week in the morning. It is in a back corner that I can avoid without too much trouble. I'm going to pick up some masks later today. I really am afraid that I'll never feel quite safe at my current job. It's something I'll need to address. Thanks for the information on the flour. I had no idea it floats around that long. Dinner from now on will be for sure gluten free. I'm not going to make 2 dinners! The husband will be responsible for his own gluten. So probably it will be eaten at home very little. Thanks for the support! It makes it a lot less overwhelming.
  6. I had my doctor's appointment today, and they pulled blood for my celiac and thyroid panels. Since I have no intention of doing an endoscopy (not sure where the nearest GI is anyway. Certainly there is not one local to me), I am going to start gluten free right now. I had been eating gluten light on accident for a few weeks before I made the celiac connection, and have been feeling worse and worse since reintroducing the larger quantities back into my diet, so I strongly suspect this is less of a trial and more of a for-the-long-haul kind of thing. Fortunately, my husband is all for me going gluten free (although he's not completely sold on the whole cc thing) and my parents are supportive (my mom is the one who made the connection first) and may end up going gluten free themselves, as we are pretty sure that my mom at least has it too. In a way, I'm almost elated. Eating gluten free seems like such an easy answer for all of my health issues plus preventing all of the health issues that run in my family. I'm also really nervous about how it will go. It's hard finding all the places gluten hide! Plus I work at a coffee/sandwich shop. I've told the boss I can't bake anymore :'( but will I really be able to be careful enough working with sandwiches? I'll have to be so militant. Or find a new job, which would NOT be easy around here. Plus, I don't know how much to worry about things like that my cat has been using a wheat-based litter. We're transitioning him to a different one now, but he has put his little kitten paws in there and then run all over the apartment. Am I living in a film of gluten? Am I worrying too much? I don't have the energy to deep-clean the whole apartment at the moment. I touch my face a lot but I should probably try to stop that anyway. I've been reading the forums and am so glad to have all the information available here. (Plus all the food ideas!) Thank you all for all of the help! Having a resource like this makes it a whole lot easier.
  7. I'd also love information on gluten free beer. I was so looking forward to stout season...
  8. Thank you, 1desperateladysaved and kate1! Yeah, I think I will be very nervous to get actual results! Right now I am coping by over-researching, so at least I should be prepared, right? And I will add Thyroid to the list of things to bring up during my doctor's appointment. Thank you again!
  9. Thank you, GottaSki! I've been making extra sure to eat gluten recently for just that reason. I really want the positive diagnosis if for no other reason than to be able to give a heads up to my family. I really doubt I'm the only one that should be considering going gluten free! Thank you for all the advice! It's good to know how best to proceed. It makes it a lot less scary, for sure!
  10. My mom called me a couple of weeks ago and told me that she had read in a few places about a connection between depression and gluten. I didn't think too much of it at the time since she likes to bring up lots of different things that could help with depression. I googled it later just to see if she was on to something. And it makes WAY too much sense. I have: 1. Depression 2. Brain fog (which I had attributed to the depression) 3. Fatigue. I am ALWAYS tired, and am prone to insomnia. I can remember being tired even as a little kid. I use all my energy up at work, and am too tired to do much else when I get home. Between those three, it was a miracle I graduated college. 4. Asthma 5. Back pain - I've thrown my back out a few times, and I'm only 25. Occasional random hip and knee pain too. 6. Bloating/gas (the bloating isn't as major as I've read on here, though) 7. Heartburn pretty much daily 8. Occasional unexplained D (not enough to worry me before now) 7. Various skin issues (though nothing that sounds like DH to me, so maybe that's moot. I guess the acne at least could be a symptom) Also, my family: one grandpa has had bowel cancer, but that's not the side I'm most worried about. My mom's side, however, is rampant with high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression... I can trace my depression straight back to my grandma. My mom says that her depression and mine look eerily similar. Also, I have a cousin (very early 20s) with arthritis already. I already have an appointment with my doctor to talk about getting tested. Fortunately, my husband and parents are all very supportive, though I'm not sure my husband really knows what it means yet. I'm doing my research now to make the transition easier. I'm thinking I'll go gluten free, positive result or no. I'm actually finding myself a bit scared that this isn't the answer. I know hoping for celiac seems a bit weird, but a change of diet in exchange for being a functional human being sounds like a really good deal. How could it possibly be that simple? I'm so afraid I'm wrong, and I'll have to go back to just trying to be not depressed (anti-depressants make me TOTALLY non-functional), though I cope better now. The only problem is I'm paying the rent right now by baking. Stopping baking won't lose me my job, but I'll get less hours, and still be working in a gluten-filled sandwich kitchen, and finding a job around here is not exactly a simple thing. (also, my husband loves homemade bakery. Breaking it to him that the flour has to go will not be fun. But maybe I can break it to him with gluten-free pie?) So I guess I just need to hear it from someone besides my mom that I'm not crazy for thinking this.