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  1. There's a little place in Sumner called "The Buttered Buscuit" with a good gluten-free menu. Their gluten-free crepes are just to-die-for... And there's a new yarn store in the north Kent / south Renton area that's putting in a gluten-free bakery.
  2. I'm glad I found this thread. I had some of the cinnamon chex last night, no milk or anything, just plain finger-food snack, and 4 hours later, the "razor-blades in the gut" cramps started. (my usual reaction to getting glutened) I had been debating whether to call the company now, or to wait & try the cereal again in a few days, 'cause *maybe* it was something in the dinner I'd had 2 hrs before the cereal. Now I'm sure it was the chex and I will *not* be doing *that* experiment!