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  1. Help With Results

    Hello again, Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has ever written a post on this site. I feel like I have read them all and am astounded by the depth and breadth of knowledge! I had a follow up visit today with my doctor. Blood test (ttg IgA) results confirm diagnosis of Celiac Disease, following biopsy. Lab result was >80 with <4 being the reference range. Additional blood tests showed elevated Red Blood cells (17.3 with reference range 11-14.5), elevated ESR (20 with reference range 0-12), Low RBC folate (319 with reference range of >829, and low ferritin (10 with reference range of 11-145). I currently take B12 shots every three weeks. He has suggested 5 mg of folic acid. He didn't check my iron, so I am going tomorrow to have that blood test performed. Other then the folic acid, is there anything else he should be recommending. He self admitted that he does not know much about Celiac Disease and has referred me to a GI. I have now been on a gluten free diet for 5 weeks. I am encouraged that I am seeing some small improvements..... less gastrointestinal issues, more restful sleep, gained 4 pounds
  2. Help With Results

    Thank you very much for your response. My doctor has been trying to find the source of the fatigue, weight loss, etc (along with a B12 deficiency and anemia), so while I am not thrilled about the possible celiac diagnosis, I understand that there are far worse alternatives. Lymphoma has been ruled out after I had a CT scan that was negative after enlarged lymph nodes were detected on MRI. I will enjoy the festive holiday treats and have the blood tests in the new year!
  3. Hello, I recently had a scope to determine reasons for weight loss, fatigue, bloating, and dry itchy skin and psorasis. I obtained the lab results today but am unable to meet with the doctor until after the holidays. Could someone please help me interpret the results. Biopsises of duodenum -marked increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes Comment: Sections from duodenum show marked increase in intraephithelial lymphocytes and expansion of lamina propria by mononuclear inflammatory infiltrate. Focal minimal activity and crypt abscess is also noted. Villous blunting is noted in well oriented duodenal villi. Clinical and serological correclation is recommeded to rule out Celia disease. H. pylor micro-organisms are nto identifed on routine stains in sections examined. Biposies of gastric antrum: -gastric antrum and body type mucosa with mild chronic gastritis -negative for intestinal metaplasia, dysplasis or malignancy -negative for H. pylori micro-organisms on routine and special stains I also have vitilogo. It was my understanding that biopsy would be the determining factor for a diagnosis of Celiac, so am confused about the recommendation for bloodwork. Thanks in advance.