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  1. I was diagnosed with celiac six months ago, and have been on the gluten free diet ever since. It’s definitely been a bumpy ride, and for the most part, I’m feeling much better-- with the exception that I am often tired. I thought going gluten free was supposed to give you more energy? I eat well, not many processed foods, lots of protein, and have ruled out other intolerances. My vitamins are all good. In addition to being tired, my metabolism has changed a lot and I have to eat a lot more than I used to to stay full, and I get hungry much more often. When I exercise, if I burn too many calories, I get exhausted and have to spend the whole next day eating to make up for it. Does anyone have any experience with fatigue/changes in metabolism after being diagnosed? Doctor says I look fine, but I’m not sure if this is part of the recovery process or not. Thanks!