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  1. Thank you all for your replies! Lisa- The bug made it's way through our family, so it wasn't gluten in this instance (unless it was a double whammy), though I felt surprisingly similar to being "glutened" (except I didn't have a headache and the vomiting was far more extreme). I think I have been feeling so much better in general since eliminating gluten that I was unprepared for the severity of being sick again, if that makes any sense. Chiana- interesting that you mentioned about being hit harder if you have something else going on like your period. I had that as a factor as well... talk about cruel and unusual!
  2. Hi All- I am currently recovering from my first stomach flu post diagnosis and eliminating gluten (~7 mo post dx); having all this free time has me wondering: Have you noticed a difference in your stomach flu recovery times pre and post gluten-free? Anecdotally, I seem to be having a harder time recovering from this virus than anything I experienced when I was eating gluten. It could very well just be the viciousness of this particular bug, but I am 10 days out from the onset of symptoms and am still feeling crummy (occasional nauseousness, little to no appetite flare in constipation). Does anyone else have an experience they would like to share? Do celiacs have longer recovery times as a rule of thumb? Thanks and best to you all -Laurie