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  1. You have to be careful when you go to a bar, a lot of these bars will put well spirits in their labeled top shelf bottles to make money. So for instance, they will take a cheap well vodka, probably made from wheat and contains wheat, and put it in a Ciroc bottle. Trust me it happens.
  2. I just realized today that I don't have much of a sense of smell. I can't even remember when I lost it. It is interesting to read these posts. I can smell strong odors, but I recall being able to smell very well when I was younger.
  3. Have you had luck with your hair growing back?
  4. Any hair growth improvements???
  5. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what is wrong with me because my hair has significantly thinned in the last 6-7 years and I'm only 29. I have also spent countless hours researching why. I found out I was allergic to gluten amongst many other things. I have decided to get tested for celiac's, even though I don't want to undergo a colonoscopy. I am now convinced that gluten is the culprit of my hair loss. My question to you is, did your hair grown back once you became gluten free, about how long did it take and did any of those suggestions work for you? Please HELP!!