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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oh thank you but that is not what I wanted to hear. Lol. I just assumed feeling better after only one week was not enough time to know for sure before I reintroduce gluten. But if this is a gluten thing then six weeks eating gluten sounds worse. Do I have to go crazy with the gluten or can I just have small amounts here and there? I guessing if this is a gluten issue even small amounts will make me feel like crap again. Thanks, K
  2. Thank you. I figured I'd just try gluten free on my own and until my follow up on the 12th. I have to admit I feel so much better that I am not looking forward to going back to gluten even short term, but I will if I must. Both tests done at once would have been ideal but, it is what it is.
  3. Agreed. Hence the reason why I haven't been so quick to take the meds.
  4. Yes, I follow up on March 12 because on Feb. 18 I had a colonoscopy. The reason being, Dr. leaning toward IBS but wanted to rule out other things before putting me on meds. Said that I am at an age where things could go wrong (I'm 45). Again, just to be on safe side. After colonoscopy when Dr was speaking with my husband, he told my hubby that test went well however, he did remove a polyp and took a few biopsies but didn't expect them to be a problem. Therefore, he handed my husband a script for Levsin for me to take. I have not started meds. I really do not want to take it if i can improve things with my diet. With that being said, I have been wheat/gluten free for only one week now and compared to the way I was feeling, I feel amazing! Still not 100% but feel very healthy like. A brief history- I was told I cried the first 2 years of my life because I had colic (was born in 67). Always very sickly and skinny. My mom said it wasn't until I had my appendix out (via emergency surgery at the age of 8) that I started to "fill out". Therefore, she thought I must have been born with a bad appendix. In 2003 I had my gallbladder removed so, all my bowel issues over the years, I blamed it on not having a GB. Said "issues" mostly happens right after eating, sometimes, I haven't even finished eating and I'd be running to the bathroom. Also, first thing in the morning as soon as my feet hit the floor i'd be running to the bathroom as well. Not to mention the bloating and gas so bad I looked pregnant and it hurt to touch as well. And the exhaustion so bad that I would ask myself "am I really that lazy?" I forced myself to get through days. I'd go to bed tired and I'd wake up tired no matter how much I slept. Anyway, back to the blood test. I'm no expert, but just from what I posted above...I'm NOT impressed! Love this site! And have a great day! K
  5. Hello all: Could you please shed some insight on this blood test. I have the results in hand and was told things are in normal range. It reads as follows: Test Tissue Transglutaminase IGA > Transglutaminase AB (IGA) Flag Reference <1 (my result) <4 U/ML | CPF (that is exactly how it reads. No more no less.) Other than being told this was normal, I have no idea if this a pretty good indicator that I DO NOT have Celiac. Thank you in advance from someone who is frustrated