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  1. I have been gluten free for 9 months and have been doing well. (I am not celiac, but choose to diligently eat gluten free because of other health conditions.) However, in a weak moment I ate a piece of cake. Not a small piece, a huge piece. That was around 10pm two weeks ago and I woke up with a horrible gall bladder type pain (I no longer have a gall bladder.) in my right upper side. The pain has been constant but is magnified if I eat any kind of solids. The gastro doctor says the gluten probably triggered gastroparesis that I had been diagnosed with about 5 years ago. But she is doing other tests of course. My question is, could the gluten from the cake be causing all of this even two weeks later? I am incredibly nauseas, in pain, and still on liquids. Would appreciate your input. Thanks so much.