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  1. Blood test done (EMA) in hospital today and it's back positive. Having endoscopy in a couple weeks
  2. Same like me, well, looks like I'll need get another endoscopy apppointment...
  3. Well I don't have stomach problems for the past good month now, but bowel problems and neck pain are killing me ( but no cramping, abdominal pain ) and neck pain come and goes, sometimes it starts in the morning, sometimes when I walking in the town. By the way I just tried Biocard celiac test kit and it showed positive results for Celiac. Not sure if its reliable.
  4. Hey all, Just months ago I've been diagnosed with hiatus hernia, because I had very bad heartburn, I managed this symptom with new diet. Whole life I've been very fit, I'm 19 years old now male. Since 7 years old I played basketball up until 17, had to stop because of neck pain. I went to plenty of docs, had xrays, and other scans and all showed NOTHING, I had massage therapies which haven't helped at all. And doctors up until now don't know what is it. I also have bowel movement problems since 18 years old. I have diarrhea 1-2 a month, but mostly I'm constipated and need to strain to have bowel movement. Is it possible that all those symptoms are related to celiac disease ? by the way my grandmother was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 20 years ago.