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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Test Result Confusion

    At this same time I also have mono for the 9th time mixed with the flu. Yeah I'm so lucky lol.
  2. Test Result Confusion

    Thank you. That was the response I hoped for. :-) yes my result even says deamiated gliaden IgA :-) whohoo. Never been so happy to have a disease lol. Proof to that family of mine ha. Thanks again. I appreciate it and am sure I will have more questions to come.
  3. Test Result Confusion

    Well now I am more confused. Went to the dietician as they ordered and she saying only non celiac gluten intolerance. Grrrrr. I like where everything else I see with my positive IgA DGP of 46 says celiac disease and hospital where I go and work only says intolerance. Frustrating
  4. Stocking Up

    Thank you!! I wondered where that was :-) take care.
  5. Hi all - I have my appt tomorrow for the Celiac dietician finally. I go back off the gluten monday so am stocking up on stuff. Just trying to get a good idea of pantry and food items that i should stock up on. I already have the pans, toaster and such - just looking for actual food, whether it be for pantry, frig or freezer. THANKS! I appreciate everyones help on this journey. Kelli
  6. Test Result Confusion

    My husband and HIS family are amazing about it. My kids are too. Just my parents and grandma. We all know how crappy I been feeling - so I am not alone here. :-)
  7. Test Result Confusion

    Mine said accurate blood test after a week for the sensitive ones. For the negative ones I imagine just wasnt enough time or they just were really negative, but for as positive as that one is i guess that is what makes me most confused. They say that specific one is very sensitive, and very accurate so that just makes me think too much HA. It just was such a big reaction positive. In only 2 weeks. just seems odd. They did 8 biopsies. 2 in one area, and 6 in another.
  8. Test Result Confusion

    So, a strong positive IgA DGP of 46.6 is considered celiac. When she said the biopsies were all negative she said she didn't believe it, since the IgA was so +++ after only eating gluten again for two weeks. But when she kept saying the EGD and biopsy was gold standard. So when that was negative I felt bad. But everywhere I checked that DGP was super sensitive and accurate. I guess that is why so confused. Add that in to a family who doesn't believe in gluten/gluten free I was happy for diagnosis. Hoping the dietician has some good ideas for me. So ready to get off it again. Bought new pots and pans and kitchen stuff last night. Just need to stock up on groceries. She too said that possible for more intolerances. But for sure the lactose and fructose knew are fine. The wheat one negative at 0.35. She said she wasn't ordering anything else at this time. Just the dietician. She put me on protonix too. My stomach is so distended I can barely breathe. What a miserable set off issues this entails huh. Oh well, keep on plugging. :-) thanks for your help.
  9. Test Result Confusion

    Thank you. Just to mention I was off gluten for 2 years unless contamination happened. I was eating gluten for 5 weeks every day before the EGD. Didnt want to be confusing. :-)
  10. Test Result Confusion

    Thanks, I did have an EGD with biopsy which was negative. Which is another reason I am so confused :-)
  11. Hi there - I am a new member. But I have googled and googled to death everything related to Gluten and celiac disease. I was thought to be gluten intolerant and was off gluten for 2 years, but was still having some issues. I then was referred to GI at the hospital I work at. I had the Celiac Panel, and EGD with biopsies, Hydrogen breath tests, and most recently they added an IgE Wheat test. First before the Celiac Panel I went back on gluten a full 2 weeks for testing purposes. But I am confused. I was negative on EVERYTHING but: IgA deamiated Gliadin - after 2 weeks on Gluten I was 46.6 which is positive. The rest of those tests were negative on the panel. EGD was negative and all biopsies (I was eating gluten for 5 weeks before that). This week I had the IgE Wheat test which was only 0.35 as result so pretty much negative. SO based on all my research the IgA DGP being positive is positive for celiac disease and is most sensitive. but then why would the wheat test be basicially negative? She finally just referred me to a dietician for Celiac Diet and told me to go back to no gluten. I just dont get how that was positive and wheat negative. CONFUSED :-) They told me to get new pots and pans ect. Most places in MN that I know quit doing the EGD when the IgA DGP was positive - we are just old school. I dont know, just have a lot going on and want to understand better. Any help is appreciated!!! Kelli Mom to 8 year old GGB Triplets.