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  1. Since I suffered from Cluster Headaches and Chronic Migraines for over a year before I was diagnosed correctly, those were the killers for me. The stomach issues, unfortuantely I got accustomed to it and wasn't sure if it was related, just thought I had a nervous stomach. Now, whenever I get glutened, my stomach if the first thing to act up but I get certain when the migraine starts pounding. I would never even risk it as I feel like it's not worth it. There was some mac and cheese my mom made over the holidays that tempted me for a second, but no longer. Gluten Flu / Hangover is definitely what it feels like. Like you've been awake for 2 days with no sleep, ate some terrible food, and are about to get the flu....terrible. Feel better.
  2. Definitely talk it out with your waiter and do lots of research before you eat out. It's a risk, it's terrible to me that gluten-free has become a trendy diet to help you lose weight quickly. That's why a lot of restaurants just slap gluten-free on an item if there is no wheat product on it but may be lax with cross contamination and other things. I hope you feel better soon.