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  1. Celiac runs in my family and I didn't have symptoms like yours till the second tri with my first baby. What I have found out is that along with the new wheat issue that even though my thyroid is fine that I had high levels of thyroid peroxidase antibodies. From what I can tell this is related to food intolerances and could be what compounded your symptoms. I think if you continue to avoid the trigger foods you should minimize most all of those problems.. in theory . I would recommend doing a Google search for 'food allergies and autoimmune thyroid disease' for some further insight. May even recommend doing a blood test. I am researching places but read that metamatrix laboratories will do tests on IgGE (true allergies) and IgG4 (delayed allergies). We are planning on trying for our second child and since I am only 2 months into cutting out gluten I will be waiting. I think if you have a good grasp on your health that you are ahead of the game. I would recommend checking out raspberry leaf for warding off a miscarriage. And make sure your vitamins are gluten free.