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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Diagnosed With Chronic Hives...but...

    Thanks to all of you! I truly believe that my rash is food-related. I'm going to try gluten-free for 6 months and see how things progress. I'm a grumpy girl at night with the heat and humidity going up and my rash has flared on my back and shoulders. I guess the thing that is frustrating is that the response to stopping gluten is so slow. It takes a week to see any improvement in my rash, so it's hard to tie the Gluten-Free diet directly to the rash. And the improvement is just that the rash is less itchy/painful, not that it totally disappears. Argh!
  2. Hello all. For the past 3 years, I have had a rash in different areas for different lengths of time. I have been to the regular doc for steroid shots, to the dermatologist for more steroids and antihistamines, and to the allergist - repeat that cycle 3 times over the years. The allergist said my histamines were very active and my mast cells were attacking everything. I showed mild allergic reactions to all the typical environmental allergens. He put me on 3 different antihistamines to try to break the cycle with very little success. I'm not satisfied with not knowing what has caused the overactive histamine production in my body - SOMETHING had to cause it. About 2 months back, a friend told me about his journey with a rash that was more like very dry skin. He went gluten free and the skin rash cleared very quickly. So I figured, why not try it? My rash is "welty" and bumpy. It itches like crazy (though it doesn't disturb my sleep most nights). When I itch it, it burns like a sun burn. I don't see any fluid in the bumps but as it "dries in" it gets crusty. I've had it on the backs of my hands, my chest, my palms (without the bumps), my neck, my cheeks and nose, my upper back, my scalp and the front and back of my elbows - never all of those places at once. Loose clothing rubbing across it when it's in a flare is almost unbearable. So I began a gluten-free diet 2 months back. After a week of no gluten, my hives started "drying" in. They didn't hurt or itch as badly. I wasn't sure if it was a coincedence or not so I started gluten again and it flared again. So, it seems that my hives are caused by gluten. However, my rash looks more like hives than individual bumps. And my hives are the most uncomfortable when I am hot. I was miserable yesterday after having eaten gluten Thursday - Saturday and the temps and humidity both went up. I'm pretty convinced that my rash is gluten driven. I have in the past had IBS which seems to have subsided (for about 3 years). Does my description of my funky rash ring true with any of you? Regardless, I'll probably try to stay Gluten-Free because what can it hurt? Beth