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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Essential Oils

    I Don't know what I'd do without my essential oils! Severe Gluten attack today 5/12/2014 I was not able to go to work. I Began with drinking an extra dose of Ningixia Red. Did a detox bath with Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger essential oil and lavender to help calm me and Epsom Salt. (Ginger increases your heat level to help sweat out toxins). Be sure your drinking lots of water to help flush and hydrate. Applied DiGize and peppermint to abdominal area and kidneys. Took Essentialzymes-4. I made a morphine bomb (balsam fir, copaiba and frankensce mixed with coconut) rubbed on joints for the pain. On my way to recovery. If your living with Celiac Disease or know someone with this disease I hope you share! I don't sell oils I buy them wholesale online for myself. I don't get glutened often but when I do I can recover faster with oils. Make sure your getting pure oils not synthetic.
  2. I have narrowed down that the bread is making me sick as well. two weeks ago I had Udies Hot Dog Buns, last Sunday a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on Udies bread and yesterday an pizza made by Udies...each time Bingo I was sick the next morning. Symtoms are not as severe but still tough to get through the morning. Im thinking it might be the Xtham Gum but not really sure as Ive only been Gluten free for 2 months.
  3. Anyone receive word from Obagi? Wondering if there gentle cleanser is gluten free?
  4. This week seems to be much better using all the above advise seems to be paying off! Ive eliminated dairy and went strickly with fresh food options -vs- gluten free products. Dr. started me on a b12 shot too! Making a few adjustemnts has me ready and anxious to begin my new Job Monday!Still have fatige but feel like things are turning around and feelings of despair and fear are subsiding. THanks for the heplful advise and support!
  5. Thanks Gemini for the encourangement! I am on anti-diarraheals (lomotil). I am with a new doctor who seems to be much more concerned but I realize I cant call him every day and most of our contact is through the nurse. I did begin probiotics today and the b12 along with a multi that I began last week with magnesium. I feel certain I am gluten free as Ive stayed home and cooked only fresh and basics (meat,fresh veggis and fruit) Trying to eliminate any chance of "cc:" ..but wondered if its in my products. So im taking time today to go through shampoos, makeup etc. Reaching out on the site is another new step for me in educating myself with this disease and hearing that I am not alone. I will ask Dr. about my colonoscopy and inquire about colitus. As i agree this daily "d" is tough! Glad the pain is gone and I am so much better than I was 2 weeks ago. But still have a jorney
  6. I am on here today asking the very same quaetion. I was diagnosed with Celiac 2 weeks ago. I have been gluten free 19 days today. I am feeling so much better as the stomach pains are gone...but stll lots of "D"! I lost my job 30 days ago as I was so sick I could not even drive let alone work. Now that I have a diagnosis and feeling beter I have found a new job and begin work June 3rd however....I am terrified since I cannot control the morning "D"! I have been reading blog after blog and called BOTH Dr. & dietician to find out what can be done to keep me out of the bathroom. I have been keeping a food log and am glutten free, caffening free, lactose free. But, I look so malnurished and was curious if its a viatmin deficiancy. So last week I becan a muti-vitamin and magnesium (gluten free) and Dr. suggest I begin with Vitamin B12 yesterday. Are the Disestive enzymes a route to go?? I am so desperate for help as I am single and have to get back to work in order to pay my bills and take care of myself! THis has been a terrifying ordeal and I need to bouce back fast! I am still haveing insomnia too ...is the answer time?? I am also fearful that I have something else w/ my Celiac and not sure where to turn. The Dr. has me on steroids to jump start my brain to want to eat agian as I lost over 20 lbs and truly stopped eating. So the Dr really does not want to see me agin in his office till May 30th and I begin work June 3rd so I want to take advantage of these 2 weeks to heal my intestines. Any words of advise and wisdom? Desperatly seeking answers Thanks in advance to all! G