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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed with Celiac in December 2011. I believe I had symptoms for 5 years prior to diagnosis (beginning very mildly and progressing to rather severe). I became very ill before my diagnosis and am confident my stomach was heavily damaged. I follow a strict gluten free diet and our home is completely gluten free (including non food items). After going gluten-free, my stomach was still sensitive so I was cautious about what I ate...limited grains, no to little dairy. As time passed, my stomach felt better, but didn't get to 100%. I became pregnant in July 2012. I felt great throughout the pregnancy. I maintained the strict gluten-free diet, but found other foods no longer bothered my stomach. The baby came about a month early. No issues, completely heathy, great delivery. My milk came in great, I had the engorgement that I read about everywhere. The first two weeks started great. Not the greatest latch, but well enough given he was a smaller baby. This all gave me high hopes that breast feeding would go well this time around. With my first child, I was undiagnosed and now realize I had low milk supply. I suspected then, but just thought I had issues with pumping. After about two weeks, the baby started occasionally needing a formula supplement at night. Then it became every night. Then it was occasionally during the day as well. It it just kept getting worse. And i could tell my milk supply was less. Around the same time, I stated experiencing what I called my healing symptoms: slight stomach irritation after eating, slightly bloated stomach that gets worse throughout the day, gas (though I didn't have issues with that after going gluten-free). I am now almost 10 weeks postpartum, and the baby gets a supplement at almost all feedings. It's actually as if the breast milk is the supplement, because he gets more formula than breast milk. I have followed up with my gastroentologist....blood work is great. Best ever. Creatinine is a bit low and that's it. He thinks my symptoms could be hormone related. I've been working with my local breast feeding clinic at the hospital. My first visit they determined I'm only producing 1 ounce per feeding. They put me on Domperidone. My second visit (1week later, about 5 days of Dom.), I was producing 2 ounces. My third visit, 1 1/2 weeks later, I'm closer to an ounce again. I had nursed about an hour or hour and half before the appt, but the RN thought I should have reproduced by then. They basically sent me on my way with no further advice other than feed the baby and pump when I can to help with demand. I nurse on demand, and also nurse first every feeding before supplementing. I try to make sure he nurses long enough and assist with breast compressions to make sure each breast is fully emptied before given the formula. I'm a thin person naturally. I've always been able to eat what I want and not worry about weight...I lost a fair bit a weight (10-15 lbs) when I got really sick and had only gained 5-10 back before conceiving. I only gained ~20 lbs with the pregnancy. At my 6 week postpartum checkup, I was back to my normal presickness weight. I had not been hungrier then normal, but still added an extra snack to try to consume extra calories to support nursing. After starting the Dom. I am a lot more hungry and have been eating more. I have a very clean diet....little processed food, lots of nutrient dense foods (eggs, clean meat, fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts). Our pediatrician, who is also my primary care dr, commented today at the baby well appt that he's not surprised I'm having nursing issues....with a high metabolism I probably struggle to get enough calories for myself he said. I would love to be able to exclusively breast feed my baby, but I have no idea if my body is capable of that at this point. Any suggestions or thoughts? Can this be as simple as I need to eat more? Most people already think I eat a lot for my size. (Haven't done a calorie count). I keep thinking it's somehow related to the celiac because of the changes that occurred together after 2 weeks postpartum. Thanks!