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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the advice! And yes I did mean that I am gluten free...sorry for the confusion! What I meant was, prior to the diet I ate it on a regular basis but didn't get sick every time. So now that I am is it more obvious to the body every time because its not there on a regular basis. And I am trying to bring in lunch more often :/. This has been the hardest part!!
  2. So I'm one month into my gluten-free diet and go back and forth quite often between acceptance and anger. Biggest struggle is lunch time at work, because I live in a very small town in a rather desolate area, so only one local restaurant (a pizzeria) offers gluten free. Even finding foods that just are gluren free is tricky because of the contamination from being cooked with other food, as I'm sure everyone else is familiar with! My question is, does eliminating gluten increase the body's ability to sense it in the system and increase the reaction to it? Prior to diagnosis I was eating sandwiches every day for lunch, and my stomach pain was frequent, but it was sporadic. I could have the same exact sandwich two days in a row, and be fine one day but doubled over in pain the next. Now that I'm gluten-free for the most part I've felt great! But there's been 3 occurrences of my pain returning. So is it likely that gluten somehow found its way in and the body just recognizes it every time because its not ingested on a regular basis anymore? Or is it more likely that there's something else that I could be intolerant of and I should be watching?
  3. Thanks for the help! I guess the most confusing part for me was that they said that the endoscopy indicated celiac, but they didn't specify if it was something they saw during the scope or if the biopsy indicated it. And at the time I was taking all of the information in and didn't think to ask. Of course the questions all come to me afterwards! I'm going to check this week to see if the results were sent to my primary, and if so have him try to translate the findings to me. I think I'm all set with the tests (for now at least, with the exception of a lactose test in a few weeks) so I plan to start the diet soon. Thanks again
  4. I have been experiencing severe stomach pain with occasional nausea/vomiting for the past sic months. In February my primary had a blood test done for celiac, which came back negative so I thought that was ruled out. Last month I went to a GI doctor as my regular doctor was stumped. They sent me in to do an endoscopy and did further bloodwork for celiac. Today I had my follow-up and left with more questions than answers. Again, as expected, the blood test was negative. However they told me that when they did the scope there was indication of celiac disease. So my question is how do I know (since the tests are contradictory) if I have celiac or gluten intolerance or neither, and which of these is traditionally more accurate?