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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Three weeks -- that's brutal!! I feel for you. I hope things turn around for you soon. I drink a lot of homemade chicken stock when I'm hit, but I'm not sure about the l-glutamine dose....
  2. I Need A Gluten Free Hug!

    Thanks for the love, everyone! ((((((HUGS)))))) to you all as well!!
  3. Somehow, somewhere, I cc'd myself or something this past weekend. My home is gluten free, my kids are gluten free, even my dog is gluten free. I bought myself a mini BBQ so I can enjoy hanging out with friends and family, which I used, and loved. I nearly- neurotically prepared everything from scratch for our outings this weekend, in my gluten-free kitchen, brought my own utensils everywhere, you name it, I think I covered it! Obviously I missed something, and I know these things are bound to happen, but the sense of defeat after all the extra effort feels pretty epic tonight! I don't love whining, but getting glutened sucks! -rant complete-
  4. Just to follow up, if anyone else was interested, I did receive an email from Sunrise Farms, June 27th, all good & Gluten Free: "Hi Rachel, Thank you for inquiry. Wheat is present in the plant. The plant have procedures in-place to avoid cross-contamination with allergens not present in the product. The flavor stated in the product does not contain any wheat or gluten-based ingredient. Best regards, Mark Cariaga Sunrise Poultry Processors Ltd."
  5. Hi BelleVie, I will consider running my own program in the future, but for now my youngest daughter is only two years old, so I'm content with part-time work. It does make it challenging though! And you're not alone...I too travel with my own spoon. I can only imagine the challenge of being in Asia and the soy-sauce-situation! I hope you figure your situation out too.
  6. Just wondering if any Canadian Celiacs know the status of Sunrise Farms individually frozen chicken breasts? Purchased at Costco (Canada). Thanks! ~Rachel~
  7. dilettantesteph - I have been on the gluten-free diet for approximately one million years....oh wait, it just feels like that. 1.5 years ago elimination diet (inc. wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, corn, coffee, etc etc etc), started reacting to lots right away, by Nov 2012 gluten prohibited but not restricted, January 2013 gluten-free for life! It took a lot of food journaling, illness and extreme weight loss to get to where I am, which I hope is healing up nicely? Thanks for the links! I will try those before I become a vagrant hobo, dumpster diving for gluten-free snacks behind the local health food store. Gemini! The sensory table is one of the things available for the kids during freeplay period, and can include things we are used to seeing (Sand, Water, Rice) and some new, interesting things for the kidlets, like WHEAT FLOUR (aka my personal hell). lol. Happy Saturday Everyone!
  8. Thank you for responding There is certainly a lack of GI's in the area, but I will contact the local Celiac Association and see if I can find one somewhere that can help out or maybe even specializes in Celiac. I just wonder though, now that I am 100% gluten-free and tender with trace amounts, is there any way to diagnose? I think my experience so far with 2 GP's and this GI have left me feeling a little unheard. I know I could try the genetic testing... Ah, well, it's just nice to know there are other people out there who 1.) understand and 2.) may have gone through something similar.
  9. Thanks! I don't have a diagnosis...still working on it. I would have no problem if I worked at the preschool full-time asking for a gluten-free environment for myself but it's just on-call... I think the flour is a problem for me because I was worried I'd lick the toys in the table? lol. Not really. I just seem to be susceptible to trace amounts getting in my system. We also do snack for each class, they bring their own food, and we help them open packages etc, and we are at the table, eating our snack with them. I think this is where my issue was this week, and I likely touched someone's snack etc and then didn't wash my hands. We also have a playdough table that is open during free-play time. I try not to eat the playdough though. I know I have rights about my work environment, but I think this week I was looking at the big picture, that maybe unless the situation is gluten-free for me, it's not the right place to be. It's all good though! Preschool is out in 1.5 weeks and I can exist in gluten-free wonderland at home and explore gluten-free career choices for myself. Like astronaut. I just needed to vent to people who do understand cross-contamination and how it can be really, really lame. Basically I was just feeling sorry for myself this morning. lol. Recovering from a touch of the gluten can make me cranky at the universe. ~Rachel~
  10. Hello fellow sensitive people... I might quit my job (on-call sub at a preschool) because it is a sea of gluten-y goodness, (badness?!) and I can't seem to avoid getting trace amounts in my system. Imagine my distress when they had the sensory table full of white flour! I just about ran out of the building. Sigh. Two days ago I was 'hit' again, and left with uncomfortable symptoms that have me re-examining my career choice. If anyone knows of any jobs in bubbles, (or gluten free bakeries), let me know! (But seriously, wouldn't a gluten-free preschool be amazing?!) ~Rachel~
  11. Hello, I had negative Celiac panel results in January (already off the gluten...oops!) and then went to visit a GI in March to discuss my symptoms. Confirmed that an endoscopy would be the best way to diagnose, was recommended to remain off of gluten until the test, to avoid misery. Then I was handed my endoscopy date of FEBRUARY 2014. (O.o) So, from all of my research, will the test even show anything with a year free of gluten? Should I just scrap the whole idea and go with my self-diagnosis? As far as doing a gluten challenge, I don't think it's possible, as I seem to be frighteningly sensitive to trace amounts in my system. Thanks! Rachel