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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks guys. I'm definitely going to give my intolerances some time before trying again and 6 months sounds like a good length of time. Also, I'm sure it's a casein reaction and not lactose. I can't tolerate lactose free milk either and get exactly the same reaction as if I tried normal milk.. Again, no digestive symptoms anymore just brain fog.
  2. I just wanted to get some thoughts on the additional intolerances I've developed since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and going gluten free. I'm 1 year gluten free and there has been a lot of recovery during that time period though there's still a ways to go also. When I first went gluten-free I avoided dairy for the first few months. After I could bear it no more, I began eating dairy again and was fine with it for about 2 months before it started to give me really bad D. So I stopped eating dairy. Shortly after potatoes began to suddenly give me really bad D as well so I stopped eating them too. A couple of months ago I tried reintroducing both. Dairy still gave me D after I eat a lot of it although not as bad as before. Potatoes seemed OK at first but then I got ill the day after. It felt like I'd been glutened and I wasn't sure If I had in fact accidentally consumed some gluten or whether it had been the potatoes. So I was sick for a few days - with nausea, brain fog, gas etc. As I've been feeling better I decided to try both again. Dairy no longer gave me any D. I really tested it to be sure. However, whenever I eat dairy I got brain fog. Digestively nothing seemed to be affected, just brain fog whenever I eat dairy which I haven't suffered with in quite a while. It took me a few days testing to be sure but Dairy was definitely the cause. With the potatoes, I went in a bit more cautiously because of what happened last time and tried a few oven chips with my dinner. I still wasn't sure if I had been glutened or potato had that bad an effect on me previously but I got the same thing - I tried the chips on Monday and I have the same symptoms as before still today. Not as severe because last time around I had about 3 plates of oven chips over a weekend to test it whereas this time I just had a few chips but unmistakably the same symptoms. I know we react differently to things but anyone have anything similar? When I first became intolerant to dairy and potatos the effect was the same but now they effect me both very differently. When it was just D I was confident that with time I'd be able to tolerate them again but now that I have the reactions I got now (and after a year gluten-free) I'm worried they're both lost to me forever.
  3. Weight Loss

    I probably used to eat more before i got sick. I'm dairy intolerant so I've had to cut that. Also, I have to watch that I don't eat too much sugar as I suffer from bloating and gas if I do. But I don't think the differences in what I eat now and then are too great and will not account alone for the sort of weight loss I have experienced, though it may account for a few of the pounds. I tried eating more earlier in my recovery to the point that I'd try and stuff myself beyond full with every meal. This helped a little and pushed me up a few pounds but I was still aways from my normal weight and in the end I decided to abandon the strategy and eat normal amounts and just wait for the weight to come back naturally as my gut heals. And to clarify, I do feel I've come a long way forwards in the 9 months since I've gone gluten-free but I've still some way to go. As I mentioned before, I suffer from bloating and gas after most meals, my BM's are still not normal and I still have days where mentally I don't feel right. There's been improvement in pretty much all of these areas though, it's just the weight than continues to stay the same. My BMI is 19.6. So it's within the healthy range. Before I got Celiac Disease it was 22.5. It bothers me as I said because it's the thing people notice most. I'm continuously told by people I look like I need to gain weight. Maybe I'm just worrying about it more than I should. I have to be recovering as many symptoms have abated or are improving. And I guess the weight will just come back on with time.
  4. Weight Loss

    I'm 9 months gluten-free and I feel like I'm on the mend. When I compare how I feel now to even 3 months ago, I feel like I've come a long way forwards in my recovery. The one thing that worries me still is my weight. I lost a stone and a half at some stage which I know can be a common symptom. I didn't weigh much to begin with anyway and the loss of weight makes me underweight. It's also made me incredibly paranoid as it's something people seem to comment on most. But anyway, when I saw other people with celiac have suffered the same thing I wasn't worried about it. My issue is that despite feeling a lot better, I haven't regained any weight. I weigh the same as I did 9 months ago. And it's made me doubt the progress of my recovery. I always thought with healing my weight would come on bit by bit until it returned to normal and would be the most likely indication of how my body was healing. It went up some at some stage before going back down but I think that was more down to me trying to eat more food to compensate for the lost weight, which I've now stopped. So yeah, my question is this really. For anybody who suffered weight loss in recovery, how did it come back. Is it something that will more likely come back all at once or should I have put some weight on by now if I'm feeling a lot better in myself?
  5. Yeah, that's what I intend to do. I'm going to give at a couple months and try and slowly reintroduce it. What I wanted to know was did people get a similar reaction early on when they were gluten-free and did it stop happening eventually? It's not like I've been glutened when I drink alcohol, it's just pain in my stomach area really and no other symptoms.
  6. Ok, so this is something I've been experiencing since going gluten free about 7 weeks ago now. I'm getting pretty severe abdominal pain when drinking alcohol and it's worse depending on the level of alcohol. This is something I have only had when drinking alcohol and the day after and I've had it a few times now so it's most certainly alcohol related. So a few weeks after going gluten-free I was drinking vodka and I got this increasing abdominal pain. I kept drinking after the pain started hoping if I got drunk it would lessen (stupid i know.) I thought maybe it was a problem with the vodka (Smirnoff.) So I switch to Cider and since that episode I haven't been going crazy, I haven't drunk more than two bottles of Cider and I get a little bit of abdominal pain but not like when I had the vodka. I tried a different vodka (Ciroc which I know is good for a lot of people with Celiac) and same pain but I seemed to get it quicker and I gave up with it pretty quickly. This weekend I was out Friday and yesterday due to the weather being so lovely. I drunk cider both nights and in quite large amounts. Yesterday I started getting the pain again quite bad so I stopped drinking but the pain's still there now about 24 hours later. It's come and gone a bit today but right now it's bothering me quite bad. So yeah I'm stopping with the alcohol for a few months but now I'm a bit worried. Anyone else have anything remotely like this?
  7. Thanks guys. On the beer - that makes sense. I've tried substituting the beer with vodka but that hasn't been going too well for me. I read that Vodka is ok no matter the source because of the distilling process but I had some smirnoff recently and it really did not go down to well. It felt like I was poisoning my stomach is the best way I can describe it. I persisted with it and went through the rest of the bottle (a small bottle) but I didn't even consider til afterwards that maybe alcohol's a bad idea or maybe I'll just try some potato or grape vodkas see if they're any better. I may have to be a bit more cautious here in the future but I do like a drink and am often out in drinking environments with other people who drink so it would be difficult for me if I don't find a good drinking alternative as sad as that may sound to a lot of people. And yes, I have now read the 'Newbie 101 thread.' Some great info in there, I feel like today I've learned a whole lot more. I suppose for dealing with this you can't do no better than discovering a community of people who are dealing with the same thing with most of you having dealt with it far longer than me and others newly disagnosed.
  8. 4 weeks ago I began a Gluten Free diet. I was diagnosed with Celiac's following a year's worth of Celiac symptoms. Initially I thought I had IBS as chronic loose BM seemed a main issue for me but there were other things too and after a lot of reading into the subject I felt I may have either Celiac disease or I was at least gluten sensitive. In particular what made me feel this way was reactions to foods high in gluten especially bread. So having been diagonsed I am now 4 weeks gluten-free and it has definitely made a big difference and I feel better than I did though not fully back to normal. I'm very glad I've came across this forum, it seems a great resource and within an hour's reading Ive found loads of advice and stuff that I just hadn't considered. I thought I'd been pretty strict but there are a lot of things I haven't thought of. Like I was reading a post a minute ago where someone reccomended not using the same toaster as other family members who don't eat gluten-free and to most I guess stuff like that's common sense but I really hadn't even thought of that and likely wouldn't have done so had I came across this forum. A couple of questions though... Sorry to touch on an icky subject but my BM have become a bit less regular thankfully but they're still not what I'd consider normal. How long in people's experience do they start to become fully normal again? I've only been Gluten Free for 4 weeks which I suppose is only a short time. Also, of all the things that I miss Beer is top of the list. I haven't yet tried any gluten-free beers, I keep meaning to order some and start seeing how bad the stuff tastes. Any reccomendations for good tasing gluten-free Beers/Lagers? I used to enjoy Budweiser, Stella, San Miguel, that sort of stuff. Many thanks.