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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks all, yes the over load on food is tough going---but will hang on in there ahh didn't think to associate the B12 deficiency--- yes a factor thanks again
  2. i keep thinking that----and i know i have to give it time--- guess now that i know whats wrong with me i kinda figured it would be 'fixed' now--unrealistic perhaps already feeling better which is the major plus thank you
  3. Hi all, i know this is a problem that many people would love to have, but im sure there are many of you who will know how it feels to have lost a whole heap of weight---is really is no fun!!! since being diagnosed 23 july this year i have probably lost more weight due to initially eating only a ton of very safe foods like fruit and veg with meat. i now have much more 'real' foods in my diet but still failing to gain weight. im not sure what else i can do, but am desperate to put on weight, my clothes (despite me buying smaller and smaller) continue to get loser. i cant keep buying smaller sizes and at this rate i will be wearing kids clothes. i eat loads and have found gluten free muffins and at 375 calories i eat 3 throughout the day. i add cream, full fat milk and peanut butter to smoothies twice a day---these are in addition to my main meals and nutritional drink supplements i get from the doctor. any advise will be much appreciated---although am aware that some of us don't put the weight back on Angela
  4. Question About Weight Loss

    Hi, just wanted to add that weight loss was one of my first symptoms--was diagnosed in July and since going gluten free have lost even more weight----i believe that this is because i am eating more healhy than ever, but......seriously need to gain some weight now as too thin---i found some gluten free muffins that pack 347 calories each--i try and eat at least 2 a day in the hope that as i heal i will gain some weight, i also take supplement drinks prescribed by doc. oh how i long for the years when i tried to lose a few pounds--ha ha----many people don't realise that trying to gain weight for some people with celiac is just as frustrating then for those trying to lose weight.
  5. Have I Been Glutened?

    thanks--think that contamination of the coffee/cup was my worry as thinking back the young girl was going from serving burgers to then doing drinks--anyway--won't do that again, this process really is a step in to the unknown at first.
  6. ok so today is day 5 of being gluten free, I've been very careful and only prepared and ate food at home. By day 3 i noticed that my stomach was actually quite and not jumping all over the place. Anyway today whilst at the market i got a cup of coffee (brought from a burger stall) and my stomach has reverted back to sounding like there is a tsunarmi going on. is it possible the coffee/coffee cup was contaminated? have i just had my first experience of being glutened or do symptoms come and go the first few weeks and this is quite normal so the drink out is not to blame---- obviously i don't know yet what getting 'glutened' is --unless this is it? and i need to be more careful?
  7. wow--thank you so much, your right about starting with the basic's and although i had cleared the cupboards yesterday--failed to re stock with anything substantial!!! your right this is a learning curve and as daunting as some of this is i am so looking forward to feeling myself again--although realise this could take some time with trips and falls along the way--with great people like you and others on this site i don't feel so alone. yes, could make more effort re the cooking---think i have just got a bit lazy since the kids have left home, but will definitely make more effort now as seems the best (only) way forward for now PS am delighted that i can have hummus!!!! i could just be over reacting by being scared of EVERYTHING!!!! thank you
  8. Hi i am very new to what i can or can't eat and only started gluten free today----i have spent most of the day worrying and starving!!!! kept safe with eggs and fruit!!! im not a natural cook and due to heavy work load tend to grab a take away on the way home, obviously too scared to do that now. anyway its just gone 2am (and due to being wide awake through hunger) i have just got back from attempting to do a gluten free shop, i have spent 2 hours in the store and came away with practically nothing as i don't feel confident understanding the labels, i ended up in the 'free from' aisle which i have to say was disappointing as very limited and expensive. i did buy some gluten free pitta bread but then didn't know what i could have with it----i know to look for wheat---but what else do i need to look for on ingredient lists? thanks in advance.
  9. thank you--after doing a bit of internet research this evening it would appear that many medical proffessionls are not aware of the many sides to celiac--which is why i am thankful that i have found this site (as daunting as it all seems to initially be) am sure i will eventually get there and this initial feeling of panic will pass. So a big thank you
  10. Thank you---- Consultant said that biopsy tested positive and i do have villi damage he spoke about this in relation to celiac which is why im confused-- one of my main symptoms (amongst many) is weight loss but as my blood tests do not indicate that i am malnourished i.e. not vitamin deficient he said i dont have celiac---although has advised that i remain on prescribed nutritional drinks (that i now need to check for gluten) will question own GP tomorrow re bloods that he did which showed B12 to be a bit low as im sure i read that this can be a sign and not sure if there are varying ranges of 'normal'- have not had blood tests to specifically look for celiac though, am more concerned that i will not have access to follow up health checks/dieticians etc or do i not need to? i think that today has been a lot to take in and i have loads to learn---am going to start with plain diet initially--meat, veg fruit fish and see how i go---hopefully will get braver as i learn but its all a bit unknown right now
  11. yes, think your right--will see own GP in the morning so .............in fear of sounding totally ignorant (which i am in regards to celiac) bloods don't have to show deficiencies even if biospy has shown i have celiac?
  12. hi, i had an endoscopy a couple of weeks ago where 4 biopsies were taken (re weight loss, pain, constant tiredness and feeling generally unwell) and when i saw consultant for results i was told that i had a hiatus hernia and area of gastritis in stomach (incidental findings apparently and not an explanation for my symptoms) the biopsies however were abnormal and although consultant mentioned celiac he didn't go into any details as to abnormal for what, he was more concerned about an abnormality of small bowel seen on CT so sent me for an urgent MRI--- anyway since had MRI and colonoscopy and went back to see consultant today--expecting the worst as i had looked up celiac and associated complications!!! outcome was no cancers so thats a relief ---but do have matted small bowel loops which may be due to hernia (??? consultant said he will have to re look at scans!!) anyway i asked about the original abnormal biopsies and celiac and he said that although biopsies' were abnormal for celiac all my blood tests were 'normal' so wasn't malnourished meaning i didn't in fact have celiac. However bloods that my GP had previously done showed B12 'slightly low'. so my question is can you only have celiac if blood tests for deficiencies are also abnormal? i am more confused than ever as i thought that biopsy on its own was a definite way to diagnose and i cant find anything that says your bloods also have to show deficiencies?? i am still losing weight ( have dropped 3 dress sizes), am so tired i could sleep on the pavement and just don't know what to think-----any help or advise would be very much appreciated, thank you
  13. thanks for replying---i am so glad i have found this forum as so much information re gluten free diet out there its all very confusing. I am only assuming that the abnormal biopsy result has discovered celiac---all these other scans and tests are to do with what else has been found so not sure if doctor has 'overlooked' actually discussing celiac specifically given the other findings. i didn't really ask what was meant by abnormal biospy as my mind went into overdrive when he said about matted area in small bowel needing further investigation-- however looking at the effects of celiac a lot of my symptoms are adding up, especially the extreme tiredness and the weight loss---i just want to feel 'normal' again. i practically live off of pasta, bread etc so am going to have a good clear out of cupboards today and start gluten free tomorrow--will have results of all tests in 2 weeks and a clearer idea of what has been found/shown but as a lot of what i've read up on do point to celiac i don't see the sense in delaying. Thank you so much--i am definitely going to be on here a lot!!
  14. hi, i had been feeling tired and run down for many months last year but began losing weight in December, saw GP in Feb who sent me for blood tests--results were all ok except B12 was slightly low. upper stomach pains started in May so went back to GP who referred me to hospital-- so far i have had endoscopy--this showed a hiatus hernia and gastritis --i was informed that 4 biospies were taken due to weight loss, but i had no explanation as to what they were looking for. i also had an ultrasound and a CT scan. on returning for results i was told biospies were abnormal and that CT showed small bowel was abnormal as loops all matted together so was sent for an MRI which would show cause of matted loops--had MRI yesterday. CT also showed thickening to colon so have colonoscopy next week. when i pushed my doctor on what he meant by abnormal biopsy results he mentioned celiac but added that he was confused as my blood tests were normal this was all 6 weeks ago. i have looked everything up that i can find re abnormal biopsy results whilst having endoscopy and everything comes back to celiac. am confused as to why i haven't been advised to change my diet---and am also worried about additional findings of abnormality in small bowel---is this a common finding for people with celiac disease or could it mean that i have already developed complications---am worried sick so any advise would be much appreciated PS i have no diarrhoea, which seems to come up as a common symptom (?) but do have constipation