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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mthfr Gene Mutation

    I've been reading up on it. Not sure how much is real science and how much is interweb psudoscience. It sounds like many people with this issue has had success with the Methy version of B-12 along with l-methylfolate as part of their treatment "protocol", along with a bunch of other vitamins and minerals that are of course linked directly to websites that sell them. Taking those two above vitamins (available from any health supplement store) did help me with my fatigue and mental fog... not totally but maybe 50-75%. The biggest thing is that it doesn't take me an hour to get out of bed anymore. I actually got out of bed before my alarm! which has never happened in my life! anyway.. There seems to be quite a few overlaping symptoms between mthfr gene mutation and gluten intolerance.. and a common recommendation on mthfr treatment is to actually eliminate gluten and casein. I wonder if there is some kind of link between the two?????
  2. Thank you for the tip about the B vitamins. I did some more research and found out there are many forms of B12. The most common form is the cyanocobalamin which is less potent and breaks down to negligible amount of cyanide. I bought some of the methylcobalamin which is supposed to be more absorb-able. during my search in B-vitamins learned about MTHFR polymorphism, (reduced ability to process folate) which seems to help people with chronic fatigue, esp with mental fog. This probably belongs in a separate post but some of the treatment "protocols" basically involves taking methylcoblamin and folate in the form of l-methylfolate. I don't know how much real science is behind it but I've reach the point of trying stuff that may work in a 'shotgun approach" (especially when these supplements are so inexpensive compared to prescription drugs and probably less side effects). Anyway I've taken the two for a few days and I'd have to say my energy level is up and my mental fog is maybe 50-75% gone. its no miracle cure and I'm not 100% cured yet, but hopefully someone finds this useful. Who'd knew such a cheap common vitamin can have such an impact on energy levels! (I should probably get tested for the MTHFR genes to make sure I actually do have this genetic defect and its not all in my head) Anyway, if anyone has any other ideas, please share!
  3. any special kind? I tried a subligual B complex drop.. it does hype me up some what. I made the mistake of taking it right before bed one time and had an even harder time falling asleep then usual. I've briefly read some stuff on folate (which I think its B5?) that some people had success with brain fog?
  4. When I started going gluten-free, I had a pretty bad case of depression for weeks and I basically tried every single supplement on Amazon that had a good review to alleviate the depression....None of them really did a whole lot for me. (at one point I was taking pills from 5 bottles at a time... lol) Obviously there's no cure to what we have but has anyone had any luck with OTC supplements to help with the symptoms ? for me, its the brain fog that I'm still dealing with... there's a bunch of stuff that claims to improve cognitive ability (I learned the term Nootropics in my research) has anyone have real experience with anything that helps with their symptoms?
  5. New Member Intro...

    well hallelujah my male PMS is finally over! Still not thinking clearly but I'm glad that I'm no longer wanting to crawl into a hole every day. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm going to eat clean just to be safe. I did get my test kit so we'll see what results I get.
  6. New Member Intro...

    Thanks. Are reactions to other foods, say, dairy and eggs the same as gluten? Specifically the fatigue and mental fog. I haven't found much info on this... Most of the reaction to milk and eggs that I read about digestive related?
  7. New Member Intro...

    Thanks for the reply. I hope it goes away soon! I've always thought people that have depression should just "suck it up", go work out and now I know how they feel! I've also done blood work for thyroid and testosterone and they all worked out normal. I've just ordered the test kit from Entero labs. I know their testing is somewhat controversial but I'm mainly using it as a physiological confirmation and a tool to help me to see if there are other foods I should avoid. I know elimination diet is the best way, but a few hundred bucks is worth it for me so I don't have to stop eating eggs and dairy for a few weeks to see if it makes me feel better.
  8. I've been gluten-free for about 3 weeks now and just want to share my story. I've always have signs of gluten sensitivity but did not know much about it until I stopped eating wheat. I was ignorant until it basically punched me in the face and knocked me on my butt. I've had on an off issues with fatigue, mental fog, lack of concentration, and sleep issues. I've always thought that it was sleep apnea (mistaking fatigue with sleepiness). What prompted me to stop eating wheat is when I went to visit family and went out to a lunch that 100% made from wheat and as soon as I got home, I was so tired I could not move for a few hours. (and I knew I had plenty of sleep the night be before because I've started using cpap and have an electronic device that tracks my sleep) Later on, I ate some of the leftovers and starting feeling like crap again. I decided to stop eating wheat and started researching. Which brings me to discover the "amazing" worldof gluten free. It took so long to realize wheat and gluten was the cause of my issue is that I just didn't eat much wheat related foods normally. Anyway... I'm 3 weeks in and definitely have more energy and sleep much better... however, the mental fog has not lifted and I'm now dealing with something that is totally new to me: depression. I've never been a very emotional person and have to say that I've lived a very charmed life...absolutely nothing in my life to be depressed about.. but the last 2 weeks has been pretty debilitating. I'm aware that this happens because of gluten withdrawal, but it still sucks! how long does can it last? should I be slowly reducing me gluten intake instead of cutting it out cold turkey? ps.. I don't think I have celicacs...I've had no digestive issues, stable weight, and only minor gas that would be considered normal among my guy friends. never had the blood test for celiacs but tested normal in vitamins and minerals in my blood test.