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  1. Hello there I don't want to scare you, but have you had him tested for these symptoms? This does not sound Celiac related, but more like Autism. I really hope you can get some tests for your boy and get him some help. Good luck! xxxx
  2. GFinDC - Thank you! The problem is Jaime has no diagnosis of Crohn's! They can't 'rule it out' but haven't seen any active crohn's on any scopes. There are a meters of small intestine that can't be seen on scopes so it is extrememly frustrating! She has previously been on fortisip compact when she hasn't been tolerating solids but as she stands right now she can't keep them down either. She is just hanging on until next Tuesday, they are going to have to come up with a plan, I think EN might work but they may have to bypass her stomach. Not sure how that's going to go down! They think the kidney stones were caused through severe dehydration. I just hope that she can keep hydrated enough until her appointment. They think that the stones have passed by themselves.
  3. She has been dreadful. Admitted for fluids and IV antisickness 3 times over last 2 weeks. Also once for kidney stones!! She's never had kidney stones before!! She also has a UTI poor thing. She's losing weight rapidly and not keeping any solid food down. Luckily at the moment she is keeping clear fluids down, but this is hit and miss! Next GI appointment is next Tuesday, but have no dates for pillcam! They're also doing stomach emptying test but haven't got date for that either. She's being followed up by nurologist after kidney stones, sure that'll be months away!!
  4. Thank you GFinDC They got to terminal ileum, but couldn't see any problems! They did say they'd do a pillcam next, I really hope they do as I am convinced her problems are in her small bowel! xx
  5. Just a quick update. J has had a really tough month. She is really struggling walking any distance and on one occasion we had to even hire a wheelchair as her pain levels were just so bad she couldn't straighten up and walking was impossible. Her GP has given her morphine patches, which has taken the edge off, but still really struggling. Last Tuesday we had a 2 hour appointment with GI. He does not think her symptoms are coeliac related and has not seen evidence that she even is coeliac! He is doing a full colonoscopy and endoscopy this Tuesday, so hopefully something will show.
  6. Thank you! I have just looked this up and I am not sure if she has ever been tested for this. It is something I will check next week with GI.
  7. Got hold of GI today. He wants her to stop Iron Supplements and is getting her to have an Iron Infusion instead, he is worried that it will make constipation worse, although that isn't a problem at the moment! He wants full bloods done and possible Sigmoidoscopy, he has made an appointment for her next Tuesday at Gastro Clinic, so will discuss again there. He also thinks she needs to be referred to another specialist regarding her fainting. GFinCD - She hasn't been diagnosed with an IBD! Her last biopsy (4 months gluten-free) was completely clear, showing no damage at all. I am so confused by it all!
  8. Thanks again GFinDC. Her GP has prescribed Prednisolone again and the bleeding is much worse and she is fainting pretty much everytime she has a BM. GRRRR. We can't get hold of hospital so she really doesn't know whether or not to start steroids.
  9. GFinDC - Thank you for all your input here. My concern is that she has more than coeliac disease and things just seem to be getting worse for her. I am a member of crohnsforum.com ! And yes they are amazing people with lots of experience and ideas. I came here because I was thinking there maybe something we were missing with the Coeliac Disease. When my daughter moved hospitals they queried the Coeliac diagnosis but she has stayed gluten free. I think she does have Coeliac although none of her bloods ever came back positive. Biopsies were clear on the last scope back in March, but she had been Gluten Free for nearly 4 months. However her symptoms were worse than ever! She is VERY reluctant to restrict her diet anymore as going gluten free has made NO difference. Being 19 I cannot control what she eats! I do think she needs referring to another specialist other than gastro as her fainting is getting worse. Her abdo pain is also severe every day! :-/
  10. Always Learning, thank you for this. She did have B12 jabs back in March. This must have boosted levels, so my guess is that they are dropping again. I think we need to talk to GI about this and see what he thinks. She had really bad symptoms when it was really low and is not showing any of them yet!
  11. Thank you all for your advice and thoughts. . Her thyroidTSH is normal 1.0 (0.35 - 6.9 normal) Ferritin only 12 (30-300 normal) B12 normal 262 I have googled and researched a lot and I really don't think that just a low ferritin level would cause the fainting? She has iron supplements, will get her to take them with Orange Juice (thanks Becca) . No one told us this, when it was prescribed! nvsmom - I can't recall anyone checking BP from sitting to standing, that would be worth doing. I think that she may need to see another specialist over the fainting as I do not think this is coeliac/gastro related
  12. I remember one stool test, but not sure what that was testing for in hospital, this was way back x
  13. Thank you Becca. She generally doesn't eat processed food. Her GP called her this morning, she has low ferritin levels, he is going to prescribe some iron. I guess that could something to do with her constant tiredness and fainting!
  14. She was fine absolutely no problems Stanleymonkey! It all started at 15 years. Really hope you have a good GI to investigate for you. We haven't had the best day. She woke up around 4am in agony. By 10am even worse. GP sent her to A&E. Obs and blood tests all fine. (Still haven't had tyroid and B12 back as taken at our local hospital!!) By around 4pm it had eased off and now bearable. Once she finally saw Gastro she was feeling much better! He thinks that because her bowels haven't been working for over 6 months, that now with the new medication, the pain is everything starting working again. Has a'dvised soft food, soups, smoothies and juicing! Asked about dairy again. He doesn't think it's that at all! He wanted to keep her in again, but she's had enough of hospitals and as her pain was easier she wouldn't. GRRRRRR