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  1. Can I just say that as soon as I saw your Chik-Fil-A title, I jumped on :) I am a huge CFA lover and one of the first thoughts after getting my both my daughters positive Celiac tests back was "OH NO, NO more CFA". It is actually encouraging that perhaps they will have something that we could have that would not make them sick. Thank you Geoff for the idea to ask them to change gloves and get some that has not been sitting out. Here's to new hope :)
  2. With school starting back soon, I am looking to avoid cross-contamination issue. I am wondering if hand sanitizing alone after school lunches will keep my daughters safe on the play ground. I just found out 2 of my daughters have Celiac disease and I am trying to inform their school. It is not very likely that they will have all students wash their hands prior to going out for recess and I was wondering if simply using hand sanitizer would do the trick. (one of my daughters is 3 - so she still puts her fingers in her mouth on a regular basis). Thanks in andvance for any suggestions or help.