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  1. Hello everyone so I am new to the site and the possibility of being gluten intolerant. I was one of those ignorant people who did not really know what gluten intolerance or Celiac was even though one of my friends is Celiac. (thank god I have never worked at a restaurant lol) I was looking up my symptoms online and the first thing about popped up was gluten intolerance, and I have recently moved to a different province so my health care is not covered yet, so seeing a doctor is out for a while. So I decided so go gluten free for a few months to see if that could be it. I was wondering if you guys could help me with my symptoms, I am 23 and I am not used to these things happening to me. -I have never really pooped regularly, and I go through random days of constipation and it has been happening more often recently. (I remember a few weeks ago I had random diarrhea 2-3 times over a few weeks which is not normal for me). Also my poos are not normal size for me recently. My old doc just told me to drink more water and eat better, but that doesn't seem to be helping at all!(Sorry for all the poo talk, yuck) -For the past few months I have felt off balance and unable to concentrate. - I have started getting headaches they usually are not very bad but they are just common, like I have one now and I have not even ate anything yes this morning. (I did have gluten free pizza last night that could of been cross contaminated though) - I feel lazy and I don't want to do my every day sports like rock climbing. - I have always been a very gassy person, even more gassy recently. -I don't get the stomach cramping like celiacs usually do, but my stomach is very noisy and I get random pains sometimes in different parts. -I have sciata, and wrist pains -I always look so bloated after a meal - I sometimes feel numbness in my arms but it goes away quickly -I have been more depressed lately but I think that could be because I have not seen my family in a year due to moving and money and I am really close to them. -I have had an ulcer in my mouth for a while, it keeps coming and going -I feel like I have a cold, winter and summer, my whole life, I am told it is allergies but allergy pills don't seem to help! -I have anxiety, heart palpation's and a normal heart murmur. (I have had those checked out and the doc said they are normal) I think that is all, its a lot to keep track of so as of yesterday I started writing everything down. I also just realized I feel like crap mostly at work, and most of those symptoms happen at work not long after eating a bagel and 2 gingerbread men from Tim Hortons for breakfast, which is usually the only time that I have anything containing a lot of gluten! I also realized a few days ago that my mother has most of these symptoms too! If anyone could help me out with my weird symptoms that would be great, because I have been freaking out thinking I am going to die for the past few months because none of my symptoms made sense and my old doc thinks my mom and me are crazy with random symptoms that lead to nothing, which makes me and my mom feel like crazy people to the point where neither of us even want to go see the doctor any more!
  2. Thank you guys! Yeah I have been doing a lot of research in the past couple days since I found out, I just think my mind got too jumbled and I just just have the patience to look through all of google to find it aha. No its wasn't Dominos, it was a local pizza store , my friend is celiac and told me it was the safest pizza place to eat! Yeah farmers market is a better idea aha, I have thought about getting a few days free and making a lot of my own stuff for the next few months and freezing it so I don't have to overly worry about everything I eat!! Also because the random things they put in food scares me!
  3. Hello! I have recently found out that I am gluten intolerant. I am not overly stoked obviously. I love my breads haha. I have been browsing the internet to see what I can and can not eat from my regular foods. Anyway, I was about to order gluten free pizza and Hellmann's Cheesy Jalapeno Dipping Sauce when I realized I could not find the ingredients to it any where, also, if I did I wouldn't have a clue what to look for :S this is all so new to me. I know it is a pretty stupid question but I am curious and the gluten free forums seem like a pretty good place to go and ask. Thank-You!