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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've been confirmed as having Celiac Disease and been on a Gluten free diet for a month. I know now that many of my health issues are caused by my body not absorbing vitamins from my food and the pills I took, don't work due to Celiac. So will any of these work now do they dissolve into the blood stream despite my not being on a gluten free diet for very long? http://www.celiac.com/glutenfreemall/vitamins-glutenfree-c-65.html
  2. Thank you Loey. The Dog show was great and here are a few of the pics. They were just playing. The little one had no fear. Wolves are a popular dog around here 6 at the show, out neighbour owns 2, 3 doors along there's a black one. and I see lots of them here. Slovakian Wolf Dog, 2/3 the size of a Siberian Wolf. Nice dogs and usually very friendly. Boxer Puppy and cute as can be and crazy. Rajah's new gluten-free. She's playing hard to get. In Rajah's category he came fourth.
  3. I should dig one out to show the real me. This one shows my crazier side. We are entering for a dog show tomorrow. Rajah has no chance, I on the other hand am odds on favourite. LOL
  4. This one is usually good around food. The first boxer I had, back in the 60s and also called Rajah wasn't. One Xmas Mum had cooked a turkey and leg of pork. We had a big family Xmas dinner. while eating we heard a noise in the kitchen so I went to investigate. There was Rajah1 trotting out to the scullery with the leg of porn in his mouth. He had jumped up onto the door handle opened the kitchen door, then up on the counter and he thought roasted leg of pork, was so much better than boiled giblets. I was 14 and still being dressed by my Mum. LOL Can you see the similarity in the dogs?
  5. That scream scared the daylights out of me and woke the dog. LOL This is the funny part. The place I'm going to now has a thinner tube, so this will be able to go up my nose. Like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPzSuh7BPKM had it done a few times and it's easy, just a bit strange. It's in the gynaecological ward. Yes go figure. LOL
  6. Just back from the hospital and the scheduled visit to the Gastronomy Dept. They were ready to do an endoscope. Problem was the mouth piece doesn't fit between my teeth. After the radiation on my mouth and throat, my jaw no longer drops as wise as it should and having all my own teeth, there's no room. so after a lot of messing around I didn't have one. They booked me to a different hospital in 10 days, with the right tool that can go via my nose, I have similar examinations to see my throat, this one wil be longer and get a sample. If it works. Do know why they want me to have one. The biopsy now and then in 6 month will tell them how well I have progressed after going on a Gluten Free diet. They want a sample from me at it's height and one in six months time. My blood counts is 300 when it should be 8 for the elements that confirm Celiac Disease. They are 99.9% sure I have Celiac Disease and have no logical reason why a test 10 days after I start the diet will make a big difference. Especially as they are not sure the next test will work. So not eating anything obvious, clearing the freezer and cupboards of what I have and going Gluten free. 6 months = 182 days. 10 days = 5.4% of 6 months. So if I go 100% gluten free they will know what 94.6% of the condition is rather than 100%. And who really cares, it's what it's like in 6 months that really matters. It's free, if I had to pay. I wouldn't be getting the biopsy. 99.9 sure after a blood test is good enough.
  7. He looks looks like an angel, probably not. It's traditional here at Xmas time to cook little cookies and cakes. Last year my wife got a big box full of them from her mother. She came in left them in the lobby and went straight out. Later I was in the office chatting online and could hear a rustling noise, called the dog he came trotting in wagging his tail and all seemed fine. I fed him and went back to the office. Later he came into the office with a smile on his face. Well it looked like a smile so I want to see what he was so happy about. He had eaten the lot, not a crumb left. It must of been 60 or more of these mini cookies and cakes. No wonder he was so happy.
  8. We went to Croatia this summer, liked it and will probably go back.
  9. I'm due for another visit to the hospital on Thursday to see the Gastronomy specialist. They might ask me to have an endoscopy and here in CZ it will be pretty fast appointment. The only real change I made was cutting out biscuits, my wife made a couple of cakes with corn flour, as I didn't eat wheat flour cakes it's no real difference. Listing what I did eat with gluten products in, is a short exercise. I think this problem has built up over the years and slower since I had problems swallowing. Thanks for your advice.
  10. 20 km south of Brno. I love it here as well, should do Iv'e been here 15 years.
  11. Post the funniest GIFs you can find and let's have some fun.
  12. Hi Debbie I agree with you, all a biopsy will do is find what the blood tests have found. I'm weaning myself off gluten and will wait to see what the results are. They can do a biopsy the next time they examine my colon.
  13. OK doesn't sound so bad, the endoscopy is uncomfortable but I can do it in a visit. The colonscopy I need to be put under due to a twist in the tube and the pain, means not eating for a few days. I can go private to have that done. Or see if I can twist the camera around the bend. LOL I thought as they had found it in the blood tests, I have some symptoms, I wouldn't need any more. Glad I found this forum.
  14. That sounds like I need an operation. I've had enough of hospitals.
  15. Read this for posting pictures. http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/104220-pets-corner/#entry888913