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  1. I am in a similar boat. It was my allergist that discovered through blood tests that I am allergic to wheat, rye, barley, oats and even rice! This is after almost 3 years of immunotherapy for also very very bad pollen allergy. I was so bad, for decades I stopped eating peaches, apples, most fruits with pits, as I had a tingling throat reaction which was very similar to an anaphylaxis reaction. Well after immunotherapy, turns out it was just the extreme sensitivity to pollen - I can now eat all that stuff again after 3 years of allergy shots. In that light, it changed my life. Back to the matter at hand, in July I got the wheat/rye/barley/oats/rice results and my allergist wants me to cut this out for 4 months. Before, though, I decided to investigate with a GI doc, as I have been having lots of GI issues (constipation, pain, bouts of D, cramps, burning) Now after an endoscopy that only revealed stomach irritation (gerd?) but negative biopsies, as well as a Prometheus test saying I am at moderate risk for developing (I have DQ8 heterozygous) but my igG and igA are normal, It seems clear I do not have Celiac. Now that I am done testing, I am starting my elimination diet (all the gluten stuff + rice) on Monday and see what my body does. I am very curious to see if it's the pollen rearing it's head again, or if I am indeed non celiac gluten intolerant. At this point, getting some relief for my symptoms would be good so I'm actually looking forward to the elimination diet. Curious to see if you discover anything else...good luck to you!
  2. thanks for the welcome! Prometheus ran the tTG, DGP and the EMA, and my IGA total serum was within normal range 301 in a range of 44-441. I had a TSH in July when all my symptoms ramped up. It was a 2 (middle range by the lab normal range) and my free t4 was normal as well. I didn't see any t3 results in my lab though. Worth mentioning when I see my GP again. The not knowing is the hardest part. Thanks for your pointers!
  3. Hi all, I've been reading avidly around here, what a wealth of resources this site has been! I've been fighting constipation (my whole life) but with bouts of D, migraines, and recently an upsurge of fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, and bloating, waves of nausea and other GI issues. My allergist (I've been doing immunotherapy for a few years for really bad pollen and environmental allergies) had me retested and the results came back I was moderately allergic to wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice and bananas. So he wanted me to cut it all out for 4 months and see how I did. As he explained, this only would explain an allergic reaction (hives, sneezing, rashes, etc) and not an intolerance. So I figure, time to see a GI and see if there's any connection there. My mom has her own undiagnosed GI issues and I have a cousin with crohns (same side of the family) Fast forward through all the tests, and here' s what I know so far: Endoscopy showed reddening of the stomach but biopsies were negative. Got put on GERD medicine but can't say I've seen much of a change. CAT scan was normal Prometheus testing shows "Celiac disease unlikely but does not preclude development of the disease" I am in the 2x risk - moderate- category due to having dq8 heterozyguos gene. My antibodies were all well within the limits, so it's not even borderline there. My other blood tests run by my GP and a rheumatologist all are normal except I've now had a positive ANA 2 months in a row. So my thought now is that we're probably kinda done with the celiac testing, so I'm thinking of finally going gluten free (essentially all the stuff the allergist told me to cut out has gluten in it anyways) and see if that improves my other symptoms. I am grateful that I am unlikely to have Celiac, but the search for answers has been long and frustrating. To get to my main question. If I understand correctly, this does not eliminate gluten intolerance. Is the fact that my antibodies (IGG and IGA) are normal only related to Celiac, and not gluten in general? Thanks for reading!
  4. I am new here too and waiting for the results of my Prometheus lab test, but my road started with my allergist and skin pricks. I agree with the previous poster that the more you react to an allergen, the more uncomfortable you will be. If possible, I recommend bringing in an iPod or other personal music player. I found that for the waiting period (after pricking and when you get itchy and can't scratch) it really helped distract me and not focus on the itchiness. Also after they took the measurements, my nurse cleaned me up, put an anti-itch spray on my back and then gave me an antihistamine, so overall, I'd say it was maybe an hour of being uncomfortable overall. I'm curious to see what results you get. My skin results lead to a blood test (IGE), which said I was moderately allergic to wheat, rye, barley, oats, and rice and bananas. My allergist wants me to cut all those out for 4 months, but before I did that I thought it was a good time to investigate all my gastro issues. and here I am 3 months later, still on gluten, waiting to see what comes out of the gene and antibodies test. What I can of worms it opened (but a good one. I would love to figure out if that's the root of my issues) So I hope you keep us posted on your results!