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  1. We live in Oklahoma. A couple years ago, we discovered Faye Elahi, a nutritionist located in Plano, Texas that is an authority on gut issues. After an affordable phone consultation with Faye, we received testing kits through the mail. UPS returned the kits and specimens to Enterolab in Dallas, Texas. Within days, we were positively diagnosed for having gluten sensitivity and other food allergies. (We received a copy of our test results via email.) We also learned, due to the food allergies, that we were very malnourished. After adjusting our diets (it isn't as difficult as we first thought), and taking various supplements, we feel like different people. Faye has a couple websites that may enlighten you: www.specialneedsnutrition.com and www.glutenfreenutritionforlife.com. She also has an informative book that may be purchased from Amazon.com. It's titled: Ready, Set, Eat! Gluten-Free Nutrition Basics. Enterolab also has an informative website at: www.enterolab.com. Read the Testimonials. We learned that stool testing is the most reliable type of test. Enterolab sends the kit and the discrete return packaging directly to your home. It is best to consult a nutritionist, such as Faye Elahi, for ordering the appropriate test and for interpreting the test results. By the way, some insurance companies recently started covering part of these tests!! Yippee!! I can't express how thankful we are to have found a nutritionist (Faye Elahi) that has had similar dietary issues as ours. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is very kind. I'm confident she may have saved our lives.