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  1. My GI tested me for celiac and the results have been trickling in (I am able to access them online). The first round of blood work came in and he sent me back for more. Here are the results of both, and I'd appreciate any input (first number is the range, last number is my result). TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE AB IGA <4 U/mL <1 GLIADIN/GLUTEN IGA AB <20 units 5 IMMUNOGLOBULIN A 81 - 463 mg/dL 58 TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE ANTIBODY IGG <6 U/mL 4 GLIADIN/GLUTEN IGG AB <20 units 4 IMMUNOGLOBULIN M 48 - 271 mg/dL 33 IMMUNOGLOBULIN G 694 - 1618 mg/dL 589 I will be following up with my doctor, but wanted to glean some information in the meantime.Thanks in advance, googling these the past couple of days has made my head spin.