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  1. Sorry for the long post in advance... I've been experiencing bad stomach pain for about 6 months, and other symptoms for about a year. My other symptoms include rib soreness, feverishness, nausea, fatigue/weakness, and headaches. Come to think of it, a few years ago, I had some bad bouts of stomach pain that I think was brought on by, or at least partly, by my anxiety. I notice that the pain comes on/increases when my anxiety increases. Eating also can bring it on. I've kind of noticed that dairy (I was tested a few years ago for lactose intolerance, but results said I'm not) and gluten foods seem to upset me more, but they're in a lot of things, so perhaps not. More recently, in the past few months, the pain seems more often after eating than it ever has been. The pain usually happens mostly at nighttime. Back in June/July, I had the worse stomach pain I've ever had. It was a tight, crampy, achey feeling. It felt like something was wrapped very tightly around my stomach/waist/ribs. I had blood when I went to the bathroom once, and it helped a little to relieve the pain when I used the bathroom, but not much. I've been having problems with normal bowel movements, both constipation and the other. That most extreme time, it hurt to move. I felt better resting my head on my knees while I sat at the edge of the bed. It was excruciating... I went to an urgent care place the next day, it still being really bad, but slightly better. They said I could possibly have Crohn's or IBS. It hasn't been that kind of painful again, thankfully, but I've been having more burning pain, rib pain, feverishness, tightness, chest pain, and trouble breathing. I've also had some pain on my lower sides. I recently went to the ER because it hurt to move (I had eaten, then felt the pain on my lower sides, then stomach/rib pain, trouble breathing, dizziness, and nausea). They gave me meds to relax my muscles, took my blood, but wouldn't do an ultra sound or anything. I also just saw my doctor. I mentioned that Celiac runs in my family. She told me a blood test is kind of pointless unless I really wanted to do it. She told me to go gluten free for 2 weeks, and if no results, then I have to see a GI. The earliest appointment is in January... Anyway, I've been gluten free for five days, and so far, not much improvement. I thought it was working at first because I didn't have as much stomach pain, but now it's basically back to normal. After anything I eat, I feel pain. I read somewhere that some people feel way worse after eliminating it at first, and then better. Any opinions? Thank you