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  1. Thank you sooooooo much everyone.
  2. Hello everyone, I really need your help. I have been getting debilitating migraines for years. The left side of my face will go numb, I can't speak without slurring, and sometimes my face sags, and my left arm and hand go numb. I have been going to a neurologist who sent me to a sleep specialist. They said I had narcolepsy, based on no symptoms other than my brainwaves while sleeping. The neurologist suggested that I go gluten free and see what happens. I have been gluten free 6 weeks ago. 1 week in, I stopped having migraines and then went 23 days without one. That is unheard of in my world. Then about 30 days in I tried gluten again and got the worst migraine ever. The neurologist said I was allergic to gluten and not to eat it anymore. I have had a migraine every day since and I don't know how to make it stop. I haven't been eating gluten, but I am not sure about cross-contamination. I am not doing anything I didn't do the first 30 days. One of the weeks I have had a migraine I was on my period, but it has come and gone and still my migraine is here. I am so miserable. I was wondering if I should go get all new stuff for my kitchen. Or if I am doing something else with shampoo or makeup. I am just at a loss and I am hoping someone else has had the same issue. The first 30 days were a life changers and now I am not sure what happened. Thank you in advance.