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  1. thanks a lot you've all been a lot of help vic
  2. ok i appreciate all the responses to my question now i have one more. MAKE UP?! SHAMPOOS?! LOTIONS?! gosh! i am really new to all of this, i thought that only made a difference if she had herpatic dermatitis, which she doesn't, she's not injesting it. i need more help i suppose. vic
  3. my daughter is newly diag. with celiac, we r just waiting for lab result but did have pos biopsy. she has only been gluten-free for 1 or 2 weeks ( i think we are still learning which foods she can eat) but her pain is the same if not worse, how long does she have to be gluten-free before we see results? vic
  4. I am very new to this my 15 yr old daughter has had severe abd pain since 8/15 they did a biopsy last week and called the results to my husband last night. they found cells found in celiac disease and some signs of celiac disease on her endocopy but its not comfirmed until she gets lab work done which will be tomorrow. I had never heard of celiac disease prior to yesterday and the doctors i work with in the ER had heard of it but knew nothing about it. Needless to say i am extremley overwhelmed. Could she have these positive biopsy results and neg lab work. Would that mean she doesnt have it? I guess I am hoping at this point that there is some mistake vic