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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just want to post an update. I met today with the Physcians assistant at the gastro's office. After talking with and examining me she recommended I have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. She also ordered the tissue transglutaminase test. I went and had the blood drawn today so, as soon as I have the results back I will post them here. Unfortunately, the soonest I can get in for the endoscopy and colonoscopy is December 14th. Also, the impression I got was that she was not thoroughly convinced that I had celiac disease. I think she is leaning more towards "delayed gastric emptying" or gastropareisis diagnosis. Anyway, I will continue to keep you updated. Flo127
  2. There is definitely a link between Type 1 diabetes and celiac. Seems in people with type 1 diabetes you can be asymptomatic for celiac. For some reason, the symptoms aren't as pronounced for celiac as they would be in someone without type 1 diabetes.
  3. Gina, Thank you for responding to my post. As you can see, I am having some difficulty replying! I will suggest that the gastro run a full celiac panel as well as perform an endoscopy. A full panel should cover all the bases as far as the blood work goes. I consider myself quite fortunate that I have a great endo who takes me seriously when I mention my health concerns. If I had to rely on my family Dr. I would still be fighting just to have celiac considered. Once again thanks for the feedback! Flo
  4. Hi. I am hoping someone here can offer me some feedback and guidance. I am a 46 year old female who has Type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Recently I met with my endo and asked him to run some blood work for celiac disease as I have been having some symptoms that are suspicious. It seems he only tested for gliadin antibodies. Here are my results: Gliadin Ab.,IgG <1.0 EU Limits -<25.0 Gliadin Ab.,IgA 33.9 EU Limits<25.0 Equivocal (25.1-49.9) Since I fall in the equivocal range, what does this mean?? He advised me to follow up with a gastroenterologist. The soonest I could get an appointment is November 8th. When I see the gastro is there any additional blood work that should be ordered ? Would an endoscopy be warranted based on these results?? Are there any other diseases besides celiac that would cause my Gliadin IgA to be elevated?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.