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  1. I'm not even diagnosed with celiac's disease or gluten sensitivity, but I eliminated gluten from my diet because my baby is sensitive to it and he is breastfeeding. I have been gluten-light since 10/31/13 and gluten-free (but not looking out for cross contamination) since 11/28/13 and strictly gluten-free since 12/10. Last night I didn't want to cook so I picked up some pre-packaged food from the grocery story -- a bag of Alexia sweet potato fries, some Ian's chicken nuggets, and some guacamole made at the store salad/deli area. I GOT SO SICK!!! I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst gas I have ever had, my whole insides hurt, and I woke up my husband and told him I was dying.... I really thought I was. Several trips to the bathroom later, and now I'm finally feeling maybe 95% better. All my symptoms were GI related. I never suspected that I had any kind of gluten intolerance because I had no symptoms, but is this reaction after eating questionable food indicative that my body doesn't tolerate gluten if there was cross contamination? The bag of Alexia sweet potato fries doesn't say anything about being gluten-free and doesn't contain gluten ingredients, but a quick google search indicates that they recently changed their processing and cannot guarantee they are gluten free anymore. And I don't know why I thought it would be OK to eat the guacamole made at the store just because it didn't contain any gluten ingredients, duh! That was probably loaded with breadcrumbs and I didn't even think twice about it. The Ian's chicken nuggets are pretty safe from what I can read online. If this means I may have celiac's disease or gluten sensitivity, is it too late for me to be tested? I don't want to undergo a gluten challenge for the test because it isn't right since I am breastfeeding my baby now and he is sensitive when I eat it. Thanks for any info!
  2. I like putting a whole chicken into the crock pot. It is A LOT cheaper than buying individual pieces. You can shred it and divide it into portions to freeze or save for later. One tip I use is I never cook with more than one expensive ingredient per meal. If we have something with meat, it won't have cheese because both are expensive. So we could have bean, rice, and cheese tacos or potato and cheese tacos, but not carne asade and cheese tacos. Rice & beans together is a complete protein so always put those together. Learn to love side dishes in your cooking. The main dish is usually more expensive, so throwing a side dish or 2 in there will lessen people's demand for the main dish.
  3. My daughter (23 months) has weird poop. She is being tested for celiac soon with a blood test. Click on the links to see what her poop looks like. Does this look like the poop of someone with celiacs? Mucus http://www.flickr.com/photos/79105959@N03/11488830564/ Blood/Mucus http://www.flickr.com/photos/79105959@N03/11488897896/ Undigested Food http://www.flickr.com/photos/79105959@N03/11488890066/ Hope that wasn't too gross, you were warned. what do you think, does it look celiac?
  4. So my 23 month old is being tested for celiac's with the blood and gene test soon. I am undecided if I will have her scoped if the results come out positive. Honestly, haven't thought that much about it, I figure I'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I've pretty much decided to take her completely off of gluten regardless of the results of the blood test though, as I understand there can be false negatives, especially with young children. She was only gluten-free for about a month before we decided to have her tested. Her symptoms (before going gluten free) were just occasional bloody poop, constant mucus in poop, bloated belly, and undigested food in poop. Now since she has been doing a gluten challenge, she is waking up in the middle of the night crying and acting so irritable and cranky ALL the time. There is also more blood in her poop, even more mucus, and so much undigested food I can tell everything of what she ate from her poop. I can tell she is sensitive to gluten, if she isn't celiac. Since she is going to be gluten free anyway and I don't even know if I'm going to have her scoped, is there really any point to continuing this gluten challenge? She is supposed to eat gluten for 2 1/2 more weeks. I just don't like seeing her like this, and I know gluten free helps her.
  5. If my daughter ate gluten all the time but was gluten free from 11/1-11/30 and then ate gluten from 12/1-12/3 and then gluten free from 12/4-12/12, do you think it is too soon to have her blood tested on 12/31?
  6. My toddler is being tested for celiac's soon with the blood complete antibody profile and the gene test. Do her symptoms sound like she might have celiacs? We have always thought my daugher (22 months) had a bit of a bloated belly. She is on track in weight and height though, actually really tall for her age, so no concern there. When she was younger, she never had "normal" stool. It went straight from merconium to green/mucusy/bloody. Eliminating dairy from my diet (breastfeeding) seemed to help somewhat, but never completely. Fast forward several months and she woke up one day from a nap with bloody stool. I took her to a naturopath who said to eliminate gluten and dairy and see if that helped. A week later her stool was tested in a lab for the presence of blood and came up negative. We continued on the dairy/gluten free diet for a few weeks. Then I introduced dairy, and there was no bloody stool. I introduced gluten a few days later, and there was bloody stool again. Took her (and me, she is still breastfeeding) off of gluten and made another appointment with her naturopath. She said to put my daughter back on gluten and is ordering a blood test for her in the next few weeks. As soon as she ate gluten again, 1 day later the bloody stool is back, again. Now her only symptom is bloody stools, I don't notice any diarrhea or pain. She does have thin toenails though and I wonder if that could be related. Now for my baby, he is 5 months old and breastfed as well. About 2 months ago he came down with an awful case of eczema on one cheek. It was weeping and he would scratch his face and head so bad that he would often bleed onto his onesie. In the process of eliminating dairy and gluten from my diet to see if my daughter's symptoms would improve, my son's eczema cleared up in a few days. When I introduced dairy and gluten back into my diet, it came back worse than ever. Now since I have eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet again (my daughter eats dairy, but I don't because I think my son is sensitive), his eczema disappeared again within a few days. I'm not quite sure if it's from the dairy or gluten or both though, but I'm fine with not knowing, I just want him not to be in pain and itchy all the time. Does it sound like my kids might have celiacs? Or sensitivity? I am lost about what to do. My toddler's GI doc thinks that she doesn't have the symptoms of celiac's because she is on track for her growth and development. He thinks she has a birth defect in her intestine and wants to do a colonoscopy to see. But, why would it improve without gluten? What do you think? Any advice? I'm so lost on it all.