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  1. Hey Alannah! I'm 19 and was diagnosed 3 years ago, so I can understand what you are going through! Firstly, I must say you're quite lucky with the doctors that you have. Before I discovered that I had celiac disease, I was very very malnurished and was literally on the verge of dying. I've been misdiagnosed many times with the most rediculous things; one doctor even had the nerve to tell me that I didnt have anything at all- that it was all in my head! So my road to diagnosis wasnt the best, it was actually my mom who came up with the idea that I had celiac disease. Be prepared for a very hard year ahead of you, there are going to be some tough times. You'll also discover how sensitive you are to gluten. Some people have it very mildly, and will only get a stomach ache, whilst others like myself only need a crumb in order to end up in hospital in need of morphine to make the pain go away. But don't be too alarmed, dont mean to scare you! After a while it will all become normal to you Best of luck! Tess