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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cross Contamination Help!

    I never did figure out where it came from. We do not share anything anymore if I know he can cross contaminate me. I seem to be having issue with packets of seasoning, even if they say gluten-free. I am wondering if it is the MSG that is bothering me vs. the seasonings. This is beyond frustrating, but live and learn, I guess.
  2. In the last couple of weeks I have had seasoning packets (one from Ortega and one from Hidden Valley). Both claim to be gluten-free, however, I have been sick both times. The only similar ingrediant is the MSG. I have never had any issues with MSG before, that I know of. Is this common in Celiac patients? Has anyone else had problems with this or maybe the Ortega seasoning mix?
  3. I cleaned everything but the oven. It looks really clean inside, but I think for my own piece of mind it should be scrubbed and the self cleaning cycle should be used. Thank you for you information.
  4. Hello, not sure if this is the proper place to post this question however, I just moved into a new home and do not know what has been cooked in this oven. I assume it should be cleaned really well to avoid any contamination. Is this a true statement? If yes, any suggesstions on what kind of oven cleaner might be a good one? I have been sick the past couple of days, one I know I was glutenned from something (not sure what) and today upset stomach. Granted, there is a stomach flu going around town, but my only thought might be the oven in this new house has crumbs, flour, wheat, etc lingering around. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Cross Contamination Help!

    I appreciate everyone's input. I knew about the seperate butter, condiments, etc. In fact, my fiance has gone to eating gluten-free everything unless he is at work, and then he has to brush his teeth when he gets home. I guess I was just curious, as to can that double dipping persay, make me as ill as I was a couple of days ago. I guess so! Lesson learned!
  6. Cross Contamination Help!

    Thank you! I was beginning to think I was just crazy!
  7. When I first started having issues after eating bread, etc my first symptom right away was heart palpitations. Then, an hour or so later I would have racing heart and sweating (somewhat like heart attack symptoms). After 8-12 hours of that, then the stomach pains, vomiting, fatigue, fog and finally the last stage is numbness in my wrists and face. Granted, I was born with a severe congenital heart defect, but this disease is an autoimmune disease. From what I was told by my cardiologist is that when I eat gluten (and now it is always by accident) the disease causes inflammation in my heart and attacks my heart. I will have chest pains and palpitations for about a week after I eat gluten. That is by far the worst part of the disease for me. I can deal with the stomach issues, fatigue, but the heart attack symptoms are terrible! Everyone is different, but this is the reason I never cheat on my diet, and if I eat gluten it is by accident.
  8. I was diagnosed recently with a scope into the intestine and blood tests. However, my first symptom if I accidentally eat gluten is anxiety. I can't be around anyone for a while, my fiancé can't touch me because I feel smothered if anyone is around me. I feel like I am dying and sometimes just sob for an hour. Then after that part is over I get racing heart, palpitations, sweating and insomnia. Then, it goes into the severe stomach pains. After that stage is done, I get foggy, exhausted and my wrists and face get numb and tingly. Basically for 24-48 hours of severe symptoms and then it takes a week to two weeks for the palpitation's and chest pains to stop completely.
  9. I was admitted into the hospital when the doctors did not know what is was due to the rapid heart rate. After four trips to the ER feeling like I was having a heart attack, they finally took it serious. My symptoms started with heart racing, palpitations, sweating, etc. Problem was, 24 hours after I would feel fine. I was discharged with stomach flu and since I have an underlying heart condition anyway, the doctors said it was my heart fighting off the flu. Anyhow, long story short, I finally went to a stomach doc to see about the extreme indegestion and vomiting I was having. He did a scope looking for an Ulcer and found that my lower intestine and Villi were damaged. He had a blood test to confirm. Have you done a scope? That is, from what I was told, the only way to truly find out. I was told years ago I had IBS, but finally 2 months ago when I started having the heart issues and so on, it was my body shutting down from the malabsorbtion and anemia. I lost probably 12-15 pounds in a few weeks time. Celiacs is not an allergy, have you asked your doctor for the Celiacs Panel? That is what my doctor did to confirm by biopsy.
  10. I am somewhat new with a Celiacs Diagnosis, (2 months) via biopsy and blood tests. Short version, I get VERY VERY ill within an hour (+/-) after ingesting Gluten. I get anxiety, racing heart, palpitations, sweating for about 8-12 hours and then the stomach pains, vomiting/upset stomach and finally fatigue and numbness in joints! All in all, miserable for about 24 hours! Sorry for the graphic detail above, but just still annoyed, frustrated, etc. Anyhow, Last night my Fiance and I had a gluten free dinner. Chicken, fresh green beans and potatoes. I used Certified Gluten Free Hidden Valley Farms seasoning mix. About and hour later the awkward feelings started..the anxiety, heart and so on. We looked at all the ingredients this morning, checked Hidden Valley Farms websites for cross contamination. Nothing! So, the one thing we traced it back to was he had drank a beer and we were using the same dipping sauce for the chicken. Is it POSSIBLE to get that sick from him contaminating the sauce? We used the same bowl and of course, "double dipping" . This is the second time in a month this has happened. I ate off his fork at a restaurant and then had some of his steak the next day and got sick. We blamed it on the restaurant, but I had steak and did not get sick until I ate his leftovers the next day. Can another person's mouth contaminate my food if they have had gluten? Crazy question I know, but this is a crazy disease!