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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This kinda bothers me. I understand that they have their religious needs -- my cousin eats Kosher to the point that he brings his own board, knife and pot when he travels. But it is still a bit of a choice, rather than a medical reason. So I find it incredibly rude that she would invite you over, and have her CHOICE take priority over your medical NEED. If staying Kosher is that important to her and she cares about your health, then she should bring her own kosher food over to YOUR place for a dinner party.
  2. OMG I never knew this! THIS IS WHY I JOINED THIS FORUM!!!! Thank you so much for this info. Man, this means that rice can be just as troublesome as oat. This needs to be bigger news. People need to know about this!
  3. My insomnia got way better after removing gluten, but I still have a pretty hard time falling asleep. Some nights I will be EXHAUSTED, but I just can't get my head to calm down and I find myself staying up two or three hours later than I wanted. I used to take ambien every once in a while, but then I found out that it is really really bad for you! I had crazy withdraws. My mom got me this all-natural blend that works like gangbusters though. It's got valerian and hops and melatonin and a bunch of other natural crap in it that are supposed to help you sleep really well. I can never remember what it's called though, so I always have to have her get it for me LOL. MAN I wish I could remember the name, because it's really really good! I will have to ask her this weekend.
  4. UGH THIS MAKES ME SO MAD!!!! Not just as a woman.... there's that tooo... but one of the big problems with Celiac is that eating gluten can put you on an emotional roller coaster. So the very fact that you were "over emotional" may actually be a symptom of being glutened! I had one doctor who used to do the same thing as me. When I told him I thought I was still getting glutened, he told me it was just because it was close to my period so it was probably PMS and that I was being paranoid. I actually called him out on him, told him that he was clearly inept and shouldn't have female patients if he plans on blaming every symptom on PMS. I IMMEDIATELY switched doctors & got an appt the next day (thank you, Kaiser). THAT doctor was much more understanding, had me tested & found out that I was right & my levels were high. He even took about twenty minutes to go over all of my habits so we could figure out exactly what it was that was making me sick (eating out at "safe" restaurants). So I have had both ends-- the complete jerk who didn't understand and called me paranoid, and the guy that took me completely seriously and actually helped me. Not all doctors are jerks! You just have to find the right one.
  5. There's actually a chance you have both: http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/celiac-disease/news/20110126/celiac-crohns-disease-share-common-genetic-links "Some research has shown that people with one condition are more prone to the other. One study, for example, found that more than 18.5% of patients with Crohn's disease also have celiac disease."
  6. Kind Nut Products

    Actually, no. I don't eat out. And I don't trust anyone to make my food. I can't have things made on the same equipment without getting EXTREMELY sick, so it's just not worth it to me. I have tried very hard to go out to more gluten-free-friendly places but I still have mild symptoms (which for me is face twitching and an itchy throat within an hour, feeling incredibly slow for a good two weeks, and being not as nice as usual.) This is why I keep an entirely gluten-free kitchen and none of my cookware or dishes have ever used gluten. And yes, I DO bring my own food when I eat at other peoples houses, because I know I used to make mistakes when I had a shared kitchen and I don't want to put people through that stress. I would think I was really weird for that, but I actually know three other Celiacs who take their food issues as seriously as I do. The one Celiac I know who doesn't take it that seriously gets colds all of the time, constantly has rashes and breakouts, and is basically a jerk all of the time because the gluten turns him into an angry Hulk. Maybe it's not causation, but there is definite correlation.
  7. I have the same problem... it is way more expensive, but I always get sick if I eat anything that isn't grass fed. I also have the same problem with a lot of store-bought eggs. I always blamed it on hormones, but maybe if more celiacs have the same issue, it has more to do with what our food eats before it WE eat it?
  8. the safeway waffle are actually better than the vans ones, IMHO.... I've tried a few other mixes (cc cookie, brownies) and I was pretty happy! I think safeway/vons is doing more than the average grocery store to try and provide quality gluten-free foods at affordable prices. The only place I like shopping better is Sprouts.
  9. Kind Nut Products

    Like I said: " Kind is celiac friendly. But if you are sensitive to oat & you know their products are made in the same facility, don't do it." The OP is sensitive to oat, therefore, she will have a problem if anything is made in the same facility.
  10. Kind Nut Products

    First, I'd like to apologize for not reading the OP super thoroughly.... I saw "same facility" and just freaked out b/c I had literally JUST eaten granola & I seriously CANNOT eat things made in the same facility. SO, super sorry to the OP.... not so sorry to the people who jumped on my back, because I stand by my statement about the same facility being dangerous for the OP. I would like to counter this specific (and only mildly snarky) remark by asking if you guys have ever actually baked using a huge bag of oats. B/c even if you have steel cut, it is going to have a ton of oat flour in the bottom of the bag. Little bags will do this, but it is REALLY noticeable if you are working with a 5+ lb bag. Bottom line: yeah, Kind is celiac friendly. But if you are sensitive to oat & you know their products are made in the same facility, don't do it.
  11. Kind Nut Products

    Have you ever worked in a bakery? I used to... and I am 100% certain that something made "in the same facility" very likely has some cross contamination. There will inevitably be some dust kick-up, which will float EVERYWHERE. I personally am too sensitive to eat things made in the same facility! Maybe that's what you were reacting to. This is good info though.... I should stop munching on the kind granola they keep at work!
  12. I don't usually eat processed foods, but I recently saw some really good things about the Girls Scouts that made me want to support them. So regardless of whether they are good or not, and regardless of the fact that they don't have thin mints (IMHO the ONLY way to eat minty chocolate)... I want to buy some!!! If anything, I'll just crumble my candy-cigarette-cookies on top of a sugar-free compote or something. Now I just need to find myself a girl scout....
  13. bring gluten-free cereal, crackers & a loaf of bread! Pretty much anywhere you go you should be able to pop in and find some cheese or meats. I've actually heard really good things about traveling europe gluten free, so you should be fine. I think there is even a whole section about it on glutenfreeglobtrotter Let us know how it goes! I'm planning my first trip out of the U.S. right now, so I'm ready to hear better ideas than just live off of sandwiches!