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  1. It Hit Me Last Night

    Oh yeah. I totally had a few moments of anger and tears and denial and defiance (yeah. don't do defiance. I got sick a couple times when I just said "screw it") What finally gave me peace was redoing my kitchen. I bought a good paleo diet cookbook (I can't eat dairy either) I spent an entire day cleaning out a bunch of old stuff, installing a couple of shelves...and I splurged on a bunch of the alternative food stuffs from the health food store. I spent about $150 bucks total, but MAN it was SO good for me psychologically to take control. Now I just think ahead and keep stuff on hand like PB and celery, carrots and hummus, canned tuna and chicken to make salads...I made a really good "paleo bread" recipe. I am discovering what gluten-free beers taste good. I have control of it and it really helps. My bf and I used to eat out a lot so that is still a PITA but we tend to frequent the same places, and the wait staff / cooks are really awesome and helpful. ((((((hugs)))) Best of luck, I hope this post is helpful!
  2. That's interesting about the histamines. I'm sorry you're having such trouble with your diet. Like we don't have enough issues as it is with gluten/dairy. I am still a gluten-free "newb" (NCGI triggered in January) so I don't have the answer, but I found this article which explains how histamines work and where they occur in foods etc. Have you considered doing a food journal and easing back into Paleo? That way you could see if it's a certain type of protein/paleo food that makes you hurt... http://www.thepaleomom.com/2013/06/teaser-excerpt-from-the-paleo-approach-histamine-intolerance.html
  3. Hi! I was just browsing the site, as I am doing some cooking tonight. I have a paleo bread recipe that calls for...get this...4 eggs AND 4 egg whites! I bought the eggs but just haven't made the plunge to bake it cause that is just a lot of eggs and it seems so weird. Good to know the eggs have to do with the rising process. I am going to make it tonight finally. I have a vegan cookbook at home - I'll check out some of the bread recipes and see if they have another alternative for eggs that sounds viable (and less expensive than eggs)
  4. Wow. It sounds like you are doing everything "right" ... except for perhaps weight training. ... Prior to developing the gluten allergy, I did the "Body for Life" diet/exercise plan. It is 3-months, 90 days... it totally changed my physique and has, I believe, helped my body keep burning fat even when I have fallen off the healthy wagon in years since. Now--here's the kicker. It is an EXTREMELY rigid plan with regard to diet and exercise. So with the new baby I don't know if it is something you can manage right now, but please at least check it out. The diet part would be super easy to do gluten-free, so no worries there. 90 days completely changed my muscle structure and even after going off of it I kept the weight off. Best of luck!
  5. Getting Serious

    Thanks for the support and tips... I am feeling better today both physically and emotionally. My gluten-free muffins turned out well, my GI tract pain is subsiding and FINALLY getting back on schedule (surgery is rough for that I suppose) and my sweet bf bought me some gluten-free beer last night LOL. My mom is coming into town today and she's excited 'cause she found some gluten-free quinoa noodles. So I'll make us a pasta dish for dinner. That will be good. I'm lucky to have the support, and I just have to stay diligent and not get "lazy" and eat something from a restaurant that may be cross-contaminated. Lesson Learned.
  6. Reading this thread has been really helpful to me, as my gluten allergy kicked in suddenly about 2.5 months ago. Thanks everyone for the venting and replies. Sometimes ya just need to know you're not alone. <3
  7. It's high time I get serious. I've had some bad days coping with my new gut issues lately...both physically and mentally. I'm just so ANGRY. In one fell swoop, I go from being able to eat anything, to feeling like I want to curl up and die from the pain when I eat anything with gluten or dairy. Which, as we all know, gluten and dairy are in EVERY_FREAKING_THING. GAAAAAAA. So after I brazenly (and stupidly) ate a big plate of nachos at a mexican restaurant b/c I was sick of plain meat and salad...and paid dearly for it for at least 5 days afterward...actually, I'm still having a constant mild pain in my guts...and it's been 9 days since the nachos... I'm getting used to the mild pain, but it's there. Nagging at me daily. I have to face the facts. This confounded Gluten/Dairy issue is here to stay. Additionally, I'm only 3 weeks post-op from a hysterectomy. So I can't lift or do too much at all. Plus, there's the thought of how my leaky guts are affecting my internal surgical stitches, etc. I bought a paleo cookbook. I bought Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Arrowroot Powder, Flaxseed Meal, Coconut Oil. I'm working on redoing my kitchen. Trying to stay positive. I had an orange for breakfast, a salad with meat packed for lunch, more salad with meat for dinner. Tonight I will make Paleo Blueberry Muffins from my new cookbook. I think I need to cut out corn too, as I keep reading on these forums that it's another trigger. Somehow, losing tortilla chips is a big deal to me. But I'm still in pain, and I have eaten corn or tortilla chips regularly in the last week. Stupid. Welcome to my new reality. At least I've lost weight.
  8. Thanks everyone! Great support on this site.
  9. Annoyed

    I feel your pain!!! No one in my workplace/circle of friends really knows what 'gluten' is, much less an intolerance for it or Celiac or anything. To add to that, I was the "Wellness Director" at work for 3 years, and my healthy eating habits have likely led my co-workers to believe I am just on a kick. (and I really can't blame them there) However, I have told all that care to ask, that I would NEVER on-purpose give up bread, pizza, cake. Then I explain the whole GI autoimmune response to them. THEN I remind them how I wound up in the Emergency Room over it. Annd sometimes they STILL don't get it. Grrr. As far as "trendy" articles go... this is my new favorite quote from Warrior Princess: "The internet is full of people and opinions. It's a huge wasteland of endless drivel." AMEN. I am really glad for this particular site tho!
  10. Hi! I have had a heckuva 2014 so far, but today is a HUGE day for me, so I wanted to share my joy. Let me recap the year: Scheduled to have a hysterectomy in January. Found out ON HYSTERECTOMY DAY that I was pregnant. Preganacy triggered GI which I had never had ANY symptoms prior to that. Miscarried, which was expected but still difficult. While "testing" to see if indeed I had become gluten intolerant, I had to go to the ER for severe blaoting that cut off my bladder. Hysterectomy rescheduled. 5 days before I was to have it, my father passed away. Decided to go forward with the surgery, as Dad was a surgeon and would have wanted me to. Sick as hell in the hospital and they were clueless about GI. I buried my father 2 days post-op. I've been recovering from surgery and grieving my Dad. He was 93 with advanced Alzheimer's -- so not a surprise to lose him... But still, it's been a heckuva time! TODAY-I closed in the sale of my rental house which is a HUGE WIN for me personally, as I have been managing it myself for 2 years since my ex-husband filed bankruptcy. It is an historic house built in 1898, with a lot of maintenence issues. So. It's over. The house is sold. I am so relieved, exhalted, ready to move forward. I am so happy. It's OVER. Today starts a new chapter. No more ties to the ex, no more crazy maintenence woes, no more money and debt struggles over it. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! :) Tonight, my bf and I are going to celebrate. I called the restaurant and they DO have a gluten-free menu and the cook on the phone was very helpful and understanding. Thanks for reading, I just had to share. Here's to less crazy stuff ahead and more good things. --Sarah
  11. I had a hysterectomy yesterday. And while my OBGYN knows what celiac/ncgi is and understands the relationship to dairy, and is educated on the paleo diet, etc, etc...the nurses were totally thrown for a loop. So here I am, post-op, having a terrible time with pain and having severe nausea from the anesthesia/pain meds, plus a migraine headache...and the nurses kept me on clear liquids cause they couldnt find anything to feed me. They kept trying to give me crackers for the nausea. I tried to explain what gluten allergy was, and how it worked...the nurses listened, but I was really surprised at their ignorance. I mean, the amount of ppl that come through there, you'd think that they'd know something. The poor ladies just had the deer-in-headlights look. So the usual procedure for post op is clear liquids, to creamed liquids to solid food. But right now I am off dairy too (hopefully I can reintroduce eventually in small quantities) and they were just racking their brains as to what they could give me. I kind of felt sorry for them, they were compassionate and desired to help me, esp after I explained the GI symptoms I get which would be HORRIBLE after a hysterectomy,yikes! Eventually the nurse gave me 2 jars of applesauce with my 600mg ibuprofen, then later a green salad and a hamburger patty and some cooked carrots and potatoes. But I was even afraid of the carrots/potatoes, who knows what's in the sauce! Anyway, I was so greatful to my bf. I am home now and he has stocked his place with all kinds of fresh foods I can enjoy while I heal. I think the nurses learned something from my casaae and will hopefully be more educated for the next celiac in their ward. I'm just still REALLY surprised they were unaware.
  12. I'm New...

    No, I am sure it's gluten. I spent a couple of weeks "testing" it, and it was gluten that made me so miserable I wanted to die. It was as though I had a migraine-level headache in my gut when I ate any breads/pastas, etc etc. The pain was excruciating, stabbing pain, in my abdomen and in my appendix and my stomach would get all distended like I'd eaten a basketball. It was HORRIBLE! I mean want-to-die misery. Send me to the ER misery. That all stopped when I stopped eating gluten. The dairy was giving me quite a bit of gas and constipation, but I was able to pass it, it wasn't KILLING me. And I was loading up on dairy after I quit gluten (before I realized that dairy sets off the villi when they are inflamed). However, after quitting dairy for 4 days now, I feel really good. Comparatively. Better than I have felt in 2 months. It's nice not to be a fart machine, LOL.
  13. I'm New...

    Hey, thanks! I noticed the "Newbie" thread about 30 seconds after I posted this. I consider myself lucky in that I am already fairly self-educated in nutrition... I already read labels, and shop at the health food store, and I know how to cook. However, as I read more I am learning that this is not something that is ever going to go away/get better, and it's also something I really need to be cautious about (cross-contamination, etc). I'm also now wondering what else could be related, such as weird PMS-like depression for no PMS'y reason... I went to the health food store on my break and picked up some probiotics and almond milk for my coffee. My latest food-related dilemmas are (1) black coffee is gross-hence the almond milk- and (2) I am sick of cooking already and have a ton of stuff to do tonight besides cook. But eating out ... is out. Gaaa. Hey, at least I don't feel all bloated and gassy today. That's a plus. LOL
  14. Wait. Nutella is gluten-free? Excuse me while I go to the grocery store then sit in the corner and eat it all like the crack that is is.
  15. Any Vegetarians Here?

    I have owned the cookbook "How It All Vegan" for years and I have many many fave recipies in there. I haven't revisited it since developing the gluten allergy (for about 2 weeks now) but I know there are quite a few rice-based recipes in there. (I'm thinking specifically of a tomato/zucchini/rice recipt that is delish. I'll post it later when I have to cookbook in front of me.) However, since you're concerned with processed foods in addition to gluten/meat/dairy, I KNOW you'll use this book. I have it dog-eared to death.